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    Tea Station with Free Printable Labels

    -LIVE WELL- The Boho Tea Cart

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    Tea Station with Free Printable Labels

    As you may know, my office is in my bedroom.  I like it that way since I tend to work a lot.  It means that my kids and family can hang out with me and we can talk or watch a movie while I work on my computer.  It also makes it easier for me to work late into the night when I want too. Tea Station with Free Printable Labels

     Because of this, one of my goals this year is to make sure my room and office are more customized for my needs.  I’m starting out with a tea station.  I want to have warm herbal tea close by so that I can enjoy it anytime I want without having to go downstairs.

    Tea Station with Free Printable Labels

    Tea Station with Free Printable Labels

    I thought some of you might enjoy a tea station as well so I’ve included the free downloadable labels. instructions, and the supply list below.

    Tea Station with Free Printable Labels

    Tea Station with Free Printable Labels

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