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Build Your Own Bathtub Shelf! {Yes, Really}

For years I have been admiring bathtub shelves.

Have you seen them?

They fit across your bathtub & hold things like books, magazines, candles, food, drinks,

yep, pretty much anything you want.

{and in my case, where my bathtub is too big to use alone,  it could even be used as

leverage to stay in the water…hehe}

I like the ones made out of wood.

Like this one that I have been DRUELING over for YEARS…

I just barely, {literally 2 minutes ago} discovered it was from Etsy.

Peg and Awl sells it for $130.

It is so beautiful and amazing…awwww…

& Every-time I saw them, my mind saw something like this:

I am not even {honestly} that much of a bath person.

But there was something about these AMAZING shelves that made me want to LIVE in my bathtub.

My bathtub, however, is at least the size of two regular bathtubs put together.

In fact, In order to take a bath alone, I  have to position my legs “just so” against the side of the tub so I don’t float away!

Ha Ha! *blush*blush*

{So, I of course figured, a  shelf would be GREAT for leverage as well}

It was of course apparent however, that I couldn’t just buy a regular bathtub shelf.

I knew it would do me NO GOOD AT ALL.

{Well, maybe if it floated but that would be a whole different set of problems

not to mention it would throw the “leverage idea” out the window!

Could you imagine me, balancing me, and a shelf?  We would be floating all over the place!

It would be anything but relaxing! Ha Ha!}

So, I decided that I would have to make one.  Yep, I decided that a long time ago but I have never done anything about it.

This last weekend however, I got  ambitious.

Yes, Yes,We built one!!! We built one & I absolutely love it! :)

The best part is, it is EXACTLY how I wanted it & Exactly the right size too.

Not to mention ABSOLUTELY FREE because we had ALL of he supplies.

But if you have to buy them, they will probably cost you around $20.

This is how we did it:

We measured & cut 4  4″ x 3/4″  pieces of pine the length to match the width of our tub.

Then we glued them together side by side & secured them with clamps until they dried completely.

{Gorilla Glue has an extremely fast drying time, like 20 min}

We also added two small, support bars across the width of the shelf on the underside

{so it wouldn’t slide off of the top of the tub}

After the boards were glued together we measured where the support bars should be on our tub.

Then we screwed the support bar in on the underside in four places so the it was attached to each shelf  board.

This is what they should look like:

After everything dried, we sanded the shelf, making sure to remove any excess glue.

Then I antiqued it using whatever I could find :)

We used the back of a hammer, a sprinkler tool, & some pliers mostly.

Then it was time to stain and varnish.

I used Minwax Red Mahogany

& Minwax Polyurethane.

{Follow the directions on the can}

I stained it twice because I wanted to antiqued parts to be more prominent.

I had previously Thought that I may have to use a ebony stain or glaze to get the antiquing effect I desired

but I didn’t need to.  The Red Mahogany worked wonders and created lights & darks exactly where I wanted them.

It was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to work with!

So, what do you think?

Do you recognize the scrub?  It’s my favorite sugar scrub that makes your skin literally glow from an earlier post.

{you can find that here}

I was surprised that I had put it off so long because it was a lot easier than I ever expected.

But even if it would of been hard, it was definately well worth it.

We LOVE it!

Do you think that you will make one of your own?

I would love to see it!

Thanks for stopping by dear friends!

I hope to see you again very soon!


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