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Country Lemonade Stand & Bake Sale



Lemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesHello friends!  How are you today?

How has your summer been?

I hope that you have made many lovely memories doing many fun things

with people you adore.

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Some of you may of already noticed but

Over the  summer I was opened an on-line boutique.

I was already receiving orders for pre-printed barbie tags, personalized items, invitations, & bathtub shelves 

so I needed a more professional way of selling them.

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

I am so incredibly excited about this idea because now

I can bring you whatever crazy, fun idea I feel like on Snippets


I can actually offer you a way to get the items I used!

Items like the ruffled pajama pants in the My First Sleepover Party post

or the embroidered aprons in the Little Baker Party post .

I can also take custom orders on printables like the sticker labels in my Spice Cabinet Makeover post

or I can personalize subway signs like the one I created using my favorite Friendship Toast.

I will also offer full color photography prints, invitations, announcements, home decor, & much more!

Hopefully more & more, snippets will be able to offer all the supplies,

printables, and ideas to help you pull off your own incredible events

and home decor projects with ease.

This is my goal because I believe everyone can

Live Beautifully on any Income.

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

My event sets include every printable you could possible need to pull off specific events or parties including but not limited

to personalized invitations, signs,candy bar tags, etc.,

I offer them in sets and most of them individually.

I will be adding these gradually, as quickly as I can.

I have literally hundreds of event ideas already in the making.  I am so very excited about so many of them…

I will also be creating post to go with most of them & usually a free DIY project or something else appropriate.

Mostly for the fun of it but also to help give you fresh, fun ideas for each set.

I am hoping to have a very wide variety soon.

You can see a simple version of a birthday set on my Sonic Party Post .

I created this lemonade stand for my store launch.  It is an example of one of my theme sets.

It was so much fun!

It includes stickers, cupcake liners, signs, & bunting…everything you could possible ever want

to have your own lemonade stand & bake sale.

It’s Country General Store style with fun, bright, catchy colors.

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

I also built a lemonade stand to go with it {obviously}.

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Yep.  Best new toy at my house. ;) :)

Honestly, who doesn’t want a lemonade stand as a kid??? It’s kind of like a fort…everyone wants one!

Okay, maybe not everyone but I know I did and I am now an adult {or at least I play one in real life}

so thank goodness I have kids & a website to blame our new toy on!!! haha! :)

For the DIY part of my post, I would like to share the plans and instructions for building my lemonade stand.

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

It was so much easier than I expected!

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

All I did was build a frame out of pine.

Here are the measurements:

Lemonade Stand Instructions1

Then I nailed more pine boards over the top of it, covering the entire frame except for the back.

 The back I left open.

Lemonade Stand Instructions 2

Here are printable PDF’s for you to print out and use.  Just click on the words:

Lemonade Stand Instructions1

Lemonade Stand Instructions2

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

After I had it all pieced together I painted it all white & traced “Lemonade” on it.


Here is a printable version for you.  You can blow it up as large as you feel comfortable:



I then brushed in the outline of the lettering with some green paint & after it was dry, I roughed up the entire thing.

{Mostly on the edges but a little randomly as well just  to mix it up}

Lemonade Stand & Bake Sale

Lemonade Stand Instructions and Printables

It’s as easy as that!  Now you can order up some fun printables and enjoy your creation!

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables


Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables



Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables



Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Thank you for visiting with me today, I hope that you had as much fun as I did.

If you are interested in the lemonade printables,

You can either purchase a downloadable version {here} from my boutique or you can purchase

the entire set pre-printed and stress free from my boutique {here}.

I also invite you to check out my entire new boutique {here}.  I hope you enjoy it & that you keep checking back

because I will be updating products regularly.

If you would like to stay updated on new products, special sales, offers, & coupons,

please sign up for my newsletter {here}.

and follow Snippets {here}.  Or sign up with your email, under email me in the upper right side of the page.

Thank you!

See you again soon dear friends!


See where I link party {here}.

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