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Fall into Chili & {Vita-Mix} Bread

I am about to share something with you that humbly, I don’t often tell people but I must admit I do find a great deal of pride & sentimental connection in the subject.  I am sharing it with all of you because although we may never meet, I believe the internet allows us to become fast friends & this detail helped make me who I am today.

My Grandfather founded the VitaMix® Corporation.

My Garandma & Grandpa
{this is my family’s favorite picture. They look so happy}

My Grandparents both came from humble beginnings.  They lived through the Great Depression & prided themselves on working hard, saving, & surviving.  They lived a simple life even as the company grew larger.  They had plenty of money but we were taught to be frugal, inventive, & well educated.  My Grandfather even built their log home with his own two hands.

He also built VitaMix®, right next door in the same log cabin style.

They used to travel across the country selling the VitaMixes® at trade shows while living in a camper.

They had six children  who went on to have many grandchildren & we are still having great grandchildren.

The Vita-Mix was a daily part of our lives.  They didn’t just sell them, they lived the healthy lifestyle they promoted.  I remember many meals spent around this very table, laughing with my Grandparents & family while eating homemade {completely} whole wheat bread & freshly ground applesauce or peanut butter.

We used to help my Grandparents grind the wheat, and make the bread all in the Vintage 3600 Machine.

{I have a very strong memory of helping them with the tap tap movement of the Vita-Mix

while the dough was in it’s ball stage}

I also remember helping pour in the peanuts for the peanut butter or the apples for the applesauce.

My Grandfather was an outgoing character with a ton of personality, he was always fun to be around.

My Grandmother was more quiet.

She was well educated & had an infectious, almost silly giggle that was always completely contagious.

My Grandma loved to garden

My mom holding a litter of puppies.


& they raised Dachshunds puppies.

All in all we are what I think is a very normal, strong, loving family & I feel blessed & honored to be a part of the legacy that two of the most wonderful people I know left behind.

Today I am sharing with you a VitaMix® bread recipe & a crock-pot chili recipe.

My whole young life, wheat was ground & then made into bread all in the old metal 3600 VitaMix® Machine™.

{I honesty believed while I was young, everyone did it that way}.

Although, I have included the VitaMix® instructions, there are not very many of the old,

metal machines around anymore so I am also including a recipe that has been altered for use in a counter mixer.

The altered recipe is not my Grandmother’s bread recipe.  It is out of  an older VitaMix® Cookbook™

but it was actually created by my friend Katrina’s Mom Rose who used to be the Home Economist

in the VitaMix® Test Kitchen developing recipes after my Grandmother retired.

Katrina, her Mom, & sisters.
{I absolutely adore the smiles on the younger two in the stroller
& the best part is, they still have just as cute of personalities today}.

Rose has ALWAYS been an amazing cook & she has developed some of the tastiest recipes.

Katrina shares her Mom’s cooking talents.

I have even seen her measure ingredients with her hands by sight as she states…

“Can I have a Tbsp?  Oh, no bother, my mom taught me to measure with my hands….”

I am also sharing with you my favorite chili recipe.

Another friend from VitaMix® actually shared the recipe with me so,

not only is it fitting, it is yummy with the perfect mix of spice & taste.

Here are the links to the recipes:

VitaMix® Bread





My Favorite Chili





Warm Homemade Applesauce



Completely Whole Wheat Vintage VitaMix® Bread





Thank you all for visiting again today…

I hope you have a wonderful day!

I also hope to see you again soon…press {here} to make sure you don’t miss anything. ;)



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