• Spice Cabinet Facelift & Free Printable Labels

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    Spice Cabinet Facelift & Free Printables/ Snippets of Design

    Fifteen years ago I bought a small spice cabinet from Target which was actually meant to be a bathroom cabinet.

    I filled it with small glass jars & then I hand wrote the names of the spices on tiny, little stickers & stuck them on top of the spices.

    Spice Cabinet Before/ Snippets of Design

    I was a young married mom with only 2 small children at the time and I felt SOOOO “Martha Stewart-ee”.

    Funny, it seems so simplistic to me now but it is honestly, one of the steps that helped bring me to where I am today…

    {I know, funny, it was just a spice cabinet…}

    I have however created an odd connection to the cabinet…

    I absolutely refuse to get rid of it.  I just keep painting it to match my kitchen.

     This time however, I went a step further, I took off the door & created some real labels.

    It has become my favorite addition to my new pantry {which you can check out here}.

    Spice Cabinet Facelift & Free Printable Labels/ Snippets of Design

    Just by chance, the cute little bottles I bought from Michael’s Craft Store years ago happened

    to match the new bottles I bought for my pantry from IKEA only a year ago{of course, I didn’t notice this until a week ago…lol}.

    Spice Cabinet Facelift & Free Printable Labels/ Snippets of Design

    but I have to admit…with the new labels I created & the black crochet thread wrapped around them,

    the little spice bottles are still my favorite.

    Spice Cabinet Facelift & Free Printables/ Snippets of Design

    Spice Cabinet Facelift & Free Printables/ Snippets of Design

    Spice Cabinet Facelift & Free Printables/ Snippets of Design

    But like I said…maybe I am just sentimentally attached to my spice cabinet. ;)



    I have created printables for you with all of the names of the spices I have.

    I also left some blank in case you wanted to add some of your own.

    I used Modern Number 20 Font.

    I printed them each out twice on white cardstock from Walmart.

    I cut them out & I ran them through my Create-a-Sticker.

    I stuck one label on the front & one label on the top of each bottle.

    Then I wrapped my crochet thread around it a couple of times & tied it into a knot in the front.

    easy peezy…;)

    To Download, click on the names:

    Vintage Spice Labels #1

    Vintage Spice Labels #2

    If you would prefer to custom order the labels from our store & receive them on professional,

    waterproof stickers…you can order them form my boutique here:

    Snippets of Design the Boutique

    I will be posting the tutorial for the step stool soon but I also have a recipe and another Birthday party to post…

    can’t wait! so much fun!

    Tomorrow however, I will see you for Snippets worth Surfing…

    see you tomorrow!



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  3. send you an email im a dutch girl made them. Changed your labels into dutch and did them with a transfer method on tape….
    Thanks for your inspiration hope you like my photo

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