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My Favorite Waffles {a Family Tradition}

Waffles/ Snippets of Design
I know, I posted Christmas Brunch ideas last Saturday for Snippets Worth Surfing

{You can find that here} but every year, since as far back as I can remember,

my family has enjoyed Waffles on Christmas morning.

waffles/Snippets of Design

{Notice the Gingerbread Houses on the table from my Gingerbread Christmas Brunch Post

this really was my Christmas breakfast! Lol!}

So, I thought I would share my favorite waffle recipe with you today…

I received this recipe from a roommate of mine years ago but I tweaked it a little…I hope you like it!

[your-recipe-will-show-here “My Favorite Waffles” 35]

How was everyone’s Christmas{if you celebrate Christmas}?  I hope it was wonderful

& that you were able to create memories to last a lifetime.


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