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Planter’s Hose Sink DIY



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What You Need For This Project:

  • Tall Sink Faucet.  Mine is a waterfall faucet.
  • Round galvanized tin tub
  • Gardening potter’s bench
  •  KILZ COMPLETE COAT PAINT in Classic Turquoise #RF190-01
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • A drill fitted with a 1’1/2″ metal drill bit.
  • A hose attachment that hooks a hose to a faucet.  (We went to the hardware store and found one that fit since faucets vary a bit.  I included a link to one I found that might work on the supply page).

Working Hose Sink DIY | She Shed | Snippets of Design

Step by Step Instructions

  • Assemble the potter’s bench.
  • Drill a whole where you want your faucet.
  • Assemble the faucet in the whole.
  • Paint the bench.
  • Add the hose adapter to the aerator sink hose end.
  • Attach the hose to the adapter.

DIY a Planter's Hose Sink | She Shed 4 | Snippets of Design
You can find most of the supplies for this project here: