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Romance in a Basket

I am such a helpless Romantic.

I’m attracted to lace, warm romantic evenings, wonderful music, and dinners outdoors on warm nights with people I adore.

There is something about a picnic that I also love, to me it falls into the same category.

So when I discovered we had all of these weddings to go to,

of course I HAD to create a picnic basket for at least one of them. :)

I found a basket lined with red fabric.

You can find these all over online.

 Find some matching dishes and throw in some fun things like candles, bottles and salt & pepper shakers.

I think it would be really fun to add a matching blanket, champagne, non-alcoholic champagne, or cheese & crackers as well.

I included lace napkins.

I cut some white material into squares.

Folded, ironed and sewed the edges.

Then I sewed lace on one edge of each one and ironed them again.

Tape the top of the salt & Pepper shakers so they don’t spill.

Tie everything in securely in an attractive way.

 Add some attractive ribbons and a card to outside.

Or don’t and keep it for yourself! :)

This tutorial is part of Three Weddings and a Laundry Room

which you can find here!

This picnic basket really got me in the mood for spring!

I can’t wait!  Are you all as ready for spring as I am?

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