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    Merry Christmas Deer

    Merry Christmas Deer free straw flags and gingerbread cookie ideas.

    / December 10, 2017
  • Autumn Tablescape

    Autumn Dinner Party

    How to DIY your own fabulous dinner party and send Evite® Text Invitations.

    / November 3, 2017
  • Pool Day | Lemonade and Drink Floats

    Poolside Accessories

    Just a few fun ideas to complete your summer pool-side activities.

    / July 27, 2017
  • Easter Bunnies

    Have you ever thought about adding a pet bunny to your family? I recently did. Best decision ever! We added a beautiful Holland Lop Bunny and she is so sweet. Here are some hints and suggestions on how to do the same.

    / March 26, 2017
  • Beauty and the Beast Tea Party and Movie Night

    Beauty and the Beast Tea Party

    Disney’s Beauty and the Beast hits theaters tomorrow. Have you planned your movie night out yet? Here are some ideas to make your daughter and her friends to happiest little girls on the planet.

    / March 16, 2017
  • A Light Heart Lives Long

    A few fun tips and ideas to help you celebrate and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day

    / March 11, 2017
  • Are We Merry Yet???

    It’s less than a week before Christmas. Here are some hints and ideas to help get you into the holiday spirit and carry you through the holidays.

    / December 19, 2016
  • Peppermint Sugar Scrub

    Quick and easy recipe for Peppermint Sugar Scrub and free printable labels.

    / December 16, 2016
  • Christmas Party on the Fly

    Great ideas for pulling off an expensive looking party on the fly with very little time and money.

    / December 12, 2016
  • “To-Go” Stickers for Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Create your own “to-go” stickers for your Thanksgiving leftovers fast and easy with these free printables. They say “Hangry Remedy (to-go)”, “Good Food, Good Mood”, and “Eat Me.”

    / November 21, 2016
  • Less House…More Home

    Less house…more home. Adding autumn elements into a light room and how to create a rustic, cottage, wood sign.

    / September 23, 2016
  • Decorating the Piano

    When I was young, I played the piano. I used to LOVE playing the piano. I could feel the music as…

    / June 2, 2016
  • My Little Peanut Quilt

      Recently I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to design quilts and bedspreads with a company called Stitched.  This is…

    / April 15, 2016
  • Home Office Wishes

     I work mostly from my home.  I love it.  I get to set my own hours and wear my sweats….

    / April 11, 2016
  • My Cottage Kitchen

    DIY Inspiration and Ideas for creating the modern-cottage kitchen look.

    / March 15, 2016
  • Winter Engagements

    Highlights from a fantastic bohemian winter engagement shoot with the loveliest couple…

    / December 29, 2014
  • Graham Cracker Houses

    Graham Cracker Houses, a fun & easy Holiday activity for kids.

    / December 20, 2014
  • Winter Wonderland

    An Adorable Winter Wonderland Photo shoot with 3 Precious Little Friends…

    / December 15, 2014
  • Brunch Is In The Air

    Place Settings & Inspiration for Decorating a Creative & Personal Brunch For Pennies on the Dollar!

    / April 30, 2014