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The Incredible Floating Shelves

We have a six bedroom home but with 5 kids, there is no extra room for a craft room.

{Which is just fine with me, I would pick my kids filling the rooms over crafts any day}.

A real problem arose however when I started this website. I had to bring out my supplies again even though there was no real place for them anymore.

I started organizing things in my bedroom…


My bedroom is rather large, like a mini-apartment. There is enough room for the bedroom, an office area, and even a family room area with two large couches.

A craft room however was pushing the limit…so,

  • I bought nesting wicker chests, brought in a cabinet, and shoved baskets in our closets.

{all of which I kept supplies inside}.

  • I hid sewing machines, batting, and foam boards behind my couch.
  • Moved what I could to the storage room downstairs.
  • Filled up my armoire in the living room.
  • Added a shelf in my son’s room for all of my folded fabrics, and
  • Slid my cutting mat and ruler under my dresser.

Yet still I had an organized “pile” in the corner of my room which I kept in a basic cardboard box

{I know, sad right? lol}.

I had imagined shelves in my bedroom for years but it had become apparent that it was time…

I needed to give in, and admit it to myself, my bedroom was already my craft room. I just needed to make it official so I could live with it.

It was time to build “the shelves”…

I have been coveting shelves for a WHILE, especially chunky, beautiful, bracketed kitchen shelves!

{as those of you who follow me on Pinterest probably already know… *blush*blush*}

……ahhhh, shelves :)…oh ummm,where was I???


I originally thought that I would end up buying stock shelves of some sort, not building my own.  The problem was however that I was never really excited about that decision.  I looked all over, Pottery Barn, Target, Pinterest, IKEA, Ballard’s, DI, and antique stores  but I just couldn’t find any that I REALLY felt would be perfect.

You see, I had this “idea in my head”…

Yes, I admit it, These “ideas in my head” get me into all kinds of trouble, not bad trouble but project trouble and what can I can say but “poor hubby”…

He however, is an awesome sport and wonderful about getting just as excited as I am about all of our fun projects.  He also does a wonderful job considering he is not a carpenter.  He is a salesman and an actor.  Yes, a salesman and an actor…not a carpenter.  In fact, projects frustrate him.  We have learned a lot through the years, we have both come a long way.  He puts up with me, and I believe, deep down,  he enjoys our projects.

He did an amazing job with this project !  Thank you hunny!  I love you! :)

{michael and the kids}  :)


Have you ever seen floating shelves b4?  Everyone keeps asking me if  they hang from the ceiling…

no, they don’t.

Basically a floating shelf  is drilled into a piece of wood that is drilled into the wall.

There are no brackets.

I thought about using wooden brackets originally but we discovered for this many shelves it would be quite spendy and honestly, I only wanted to spend $100 on the whole  project.


We used particle board cut into 12″ wide shelves and pre-fabricated crown molding.

I am now so glad that we didn’t use the brackets.  I LOVE these shelves so much just the way they are.

We wanted them to be sturdy so Michael made sure that each board was drilled into at least one stud.  That way we didn’t have to rely on dry-wall screws for all the support.

We also had to fit them in were we could which meant…between the door and the armoire, between the armoire and the window, between the window and my closet….it was a stretch but it looks great!

We love them and it turns out,  built-ins are really not that hard!

{Trust me, If we can do it, you can do it!}

{notice our adorable dish network box dead center…I know, to cute for words…right?

We had “specialists” install it for us! ;)  hehe}

After we had the shelves the way we wanted them, we needed storage and a cute way to display it all.

I made a trip to IKEA where I bought a few matching baskets, fabric covered boxes, and some jars.

I re-purposed 3 free shipping boxes and 2 almond roca cans by cutting the boxes into 2 and spray-painting everything black.

Then it was time to create the labels and tags…{you know I LOVE the printables}!

I wanted something classic, clean, and I wanted it to match the brackets on the fabric boxes so I ended up with black and white ovals with a simple border.

You can see the tutorial and download a printable version, an adobe brush, and the numbered labels here…

Hopefully this tutorial was informative.  If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask…

Do you need shelves in your home?  Where would you choose to build yours?

I am thinking about tackling a few projects in my laundry room this week so stay posted!  Let’s see how it turns out…

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