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Three Weddings and a Laundry Room

It’s Wedding season!!!

We were invited to three weddings this weekend so knowing me…

I HAD to incorporate it into a post…{I mean, seriously, how couldn’t I ???} 

I wanted to name it Three Weddings and a Laundry Room just for fun. ;)

I am soooo tired.  It was a busy week but so much fun as well.

The three presents I created tutorials on were:

His & Hers Pillows


 A professional sign created on a canvas using spray paint. 


and a romantic picnic basket for two.

and for my laundry room I created outhouse silhouettes

Hopefully You will check them all out and enjoy them.

I had so much fun creating them!

I have a few more projects in my laundry room I will post soon and it is about

time for another recipe so follow my feed and stay tuned!

Thanks ladies!

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