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Whole Fruit Smoothie

Whole Fruit, Yummy, Vita Mix Smoothie/ Snippets of DesignConsidering it is the beginning of a New Year & many of us are going a little more out of our way to be healthy,

I thought I would share with you my favorite whole fruit smoothie which also happens to be the main

whole fruit smoothie recipe that Vita-Mix demonstrators use.

As I shared in {this} post, my family owns the Vita-Mix Corporation.

Grandma & Grandpa Barnard/ Snippets of Design

For most of my childhood, most of my family was involved in Vita-Mix somehow so this smoothie is almost second nature to me.

It usually consists of “a little bit of this” & a “little bit of that” so bear

with me as I try to write it down and share with you a few variations as well…

but don’t worry cause even though it may end up slightly different every time,

you can’t really mess it up either…

Whole Fruit Smoothie/Snippets of DesignI believe that this smoothie can be made in most blenders except, I gotta be honest,

I am not sure, I have never tried any other blenders.

Whole Fruit Smoothie/Snippets of Design

I use mostly frozen fruit but it is always good to throw in a whole apple, banana or some fresh spinach for extra nutrients.

Whole Fruit Smoothie/ Snippets of Design

I also have a thing now for adding a low-fat yogurt or some protein shake mix, especially after my workouts.

Whole Fruit Smoothie/ Snippets of Design

Feel free to play with it, try new flavors,I mean, that is half the fun…;)

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