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Wine and Popcorn Outdoor Movie Night



Since it’s finally summer, I wanted to plan a fun night with my friends.

What’s more fun than an outdoor movie night?

Ummmmm….not much! ;-)

Seriously, I have been pinning outdoor movie nights for years.  It was time to stop dreaming about it and make it a reality.


So I tied up a sheet, laid out some blankets, and threw some comfy pillows around.


Do you guys ever watch Scandal?  I love Scandal!  Have you noticed what Olivia eats at night when she’s home relaxing?

Wine and popcorn!  What a fun, idea for a party…right?


It’s fun, different and guilt free!

Especially if we use SkinnyPop.  have you ever tried SkinnyPop?

It’s so tasty and they have so many flavors to choose from.

It also makes for great guilt-free snacking because it’s just 39 calories a cup!


SkinnyPop has even come up with a great wine and popcorn pairing guide to help inspire your evening.  How fun is that?

SkinnyPop Wine


Plus,  wine goes with everything…right?


Since we were having wine, I didn’t want to use ice even though I wanted to keep our drinks cold so I froze kumquats and blueberries on martini sticks.  They were beautiful!  A great alternative to ice. 



We also enjoyed some exotic cheese and crackers.

Jewel Neck Bridesmaid Dresses


It was a great night.  We can’t wait to do it again.


You can plan your own outdoor movie night and invite your friends using some of Evite’s free invitations like this one or any of their other great invitations.

Invitations Free eCards and Party Planning Ideas from Evite

Happy DIY-ing friends!


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