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Yummy Nummy Cherry Crunch

Cherry Crunch is My husband’s Absolute Favorite!

His Mom, {the amazing Mother-in-Law who also makes these almond joy bars}

has made it for as long as he can remember.

It really is great & wonderfully addictive.

It is basically dump cake made with chocolate cake mix and cherry pie filling

but once you try it, you will find yourself craving it.

There are only three ingredients.

Chocolate Cake Mix, Cherry Pie Filling, & Margarine

Start by placing the cake mix and margarine in a bowl.

Cut the margarine in using a pastry cutter.

Press 3/4 of the cake mixture into the bottom of a 9X13 pan.

Make sure that it goes up on the sides enough so that the cherries don’t touch the sides of the pan.

Dump 2 cans of cherries on top of the cake mixture.

Spread Evenly.

Dump the rest of the cake mixture over the cherries.

And again, spread Evenly.

Bake at 350·F for 15-20 minutes

{the top will look something like this}

 Serve Warm.

 With Whipping Cream or Ice cream.



[your-recipe-will-show-here “Cherry Crunch” 14]


That’s it!  We absolutely love it!

I hope that you do too…

I am working on a fun project for my sister’s house this week. I am pretty excited about it.

We have talked about doing this  for years {yes, literally, no joke}.

I had also better start getting ready for Easter. haha

{Would you believe, I haven’t gotten ready at all yet??? *blush*blush* }


In the meantime,

Be sure to checkout my recent spring & Easter Flea Market finds & Decor if you haven’t already! 

See you soon dear friends!!!


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