We are blessed to have the opportunity to hear from Jessica from 4 Interior Design today. She is talented & smart. She owns a beautiful blog & I have really enjoyed getting to know her. She has some wonderful Ideas to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…


Hi! I am Jessica Christian and I am a décor gizmo! I have an eye for everything beautiful and today I am sharing my thoughts on ways to re-vitalize your bedroom. A big thanks to Amber for letting me do it J




Bedding trends change just as often as clothing trends do, and this year has seen bedding designers embrace ethnic influences, as well as focusing on bold and minimalist styles. These 5 creative ways can really spark up your bedroom and give it an exotic make-over in no time!!!

1. Rich Luxurious Textures

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Bedding designers have embraced rich and luxurious fabrics from around the world to create exotic and colorful bedding designs. The focus should be on the duvet cover and pillow cases, leaving the sheets in a plain color to further accentuate the explosion of patterns and textures surrounding them.

Paper lanterns in plain colors, textured throw rugs and wooden sculptures can really complement this bedding style, and can be easily recycled in the future.

2. Minimalist Style

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Based around monochrome or 2 color combinations, the minimalist style embraces simplistic designs or flat panels of color. There are a wide range of simple duvet covers from yorkshirelinen.com that would be an excellent base for a minimalist bedroom makeover.

Complemented by simple lighting and lots of negative space in the room, this bedding trend can look very striking in the right place. The simple lines and sparse decoration transform the room into a calm and clutter-free space.


3.Vintage Country Charm


Bedding featuring faded floral designs, with more than one style used in a single setting, typifies the recent love for everything vintage. Combined with some delicate throw pillows and dried flower arrangements, this bedding style is a timeless classic that has recently become fashionable again. Floral cushions can be found at: next.co.uk

A trip to an antique auction house, flea market or thrift shop will reveal a world of accessories that can be bought at discount prices and accentuate any vintage country bedding designs.


4. Geometric Color

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Bold is the key to this strong geometric focused bedding trend. Stripes are one of the key components, and these stripes can be replicated in other fabrics in the room, including large wall hangings and rugs.

Combined with some retro geometric art prints and fresh white sheets, this bedding trend adds a vibrant and energetic feel to any bedroom. Duvet covers from yorkshirelinen.com make a great base for this bedding style.


5. Modern Romantic

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The modern romantic bedding trend embraces classic bedding patterns, but reinvents them in modern metallic colors such as silver and gold. Masculine elements can be added to offset the feminine colors and patterns, such as strong picture frames, metallic bedside tables and dark feature walls.


Thank you Jessica for sharing your awesome ideas!

And thank you dear friends for stopping by!

I hope to see you again soon!



September 2, 2013


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