So, now that we are in the thick of winter,

I figured, if you guys

are anything like me, we could really use some really great

Home spa recipes.

I compiled just a few of my favorites here…

I figured I would start with a recipe of my own.


Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub


I LOVE it! It makes your skin glow and feel soft and fresh.

I use it at the end of every shower, right before I apply lotion.

I am such an addict too. I have tried, really tried to quit before

but I can’t, I am constantly running back for more.

Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do…

First, collect your ingredients…

Place your sugar in the bowl,

Then the Honey,

Then the Olive Oil

Mix it Up Really Well.

That’s It! Enjoy!

Here is the recipe:

[your-recipe-will-show-here “Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub” 13]

Here are some other AMAZING Home Spa Recipes

That Other people have posted:

I love this Delicious Scrub from

Deliciously Organized…

It has sugar and salt in it not to mention

Essential oils and vitamin E.

I looks pretty, works great, and smells amazing!

I also love her recipe for

Cinnamon Sugar Lip Scrub

You should checkout her blog.

She has some great ideas!

Spa Magazine has this great recipe for a

DIY Facial Mask

That looks really great…

Rebecca At Soap Deli News

Has an awesome recipe for lotion bars

That look so good…

She also has many other yummy soap recipes…

And finally,

I really want to try this

DIY Shealoe Butter for Hair and Skin

That was posted by the Urban Bush Babes

They say that it can

Provide hold for styling hair, strengthen hair,

provide moisture for hair & skin.

It can be used as a sealer for hair

and it can help in healing and soothing the skin

I love Home Spa recipes so I am sure that I will be sharing more soon…

What are some of your favorite Home Spa Recipes?



If you enjoyed this Home Spa Post, you may want to checkout my

DIY Bathtub shelf {here}.

 It goes perfectly with this scrub.

Especially if you like to feel “pampered”! :)

Or maybe you would like to printout some of the cute labels that a fellow blogger created to use with my scrub.

You can find that link {here}.

until next time dear friends!



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  1. marjorie96

    May 7, 2014

    How do I store this? :) Should it be refrigerated, or just stored at room temperature? How long does it last?
    Thank you!

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