I obtained some basic bookshelves for a great price so, I decided to buy 10 of them. Yes, I was worried it was a bit much too but, it turns out, I wish I had more. Here are a few of the things that I did with them.

Hopefully they spark some ideas for your own projects…

Basic shelves three ways- dining shed

The first set I didn’t actually do anything to all.  I used them the way they came and covered the back wall of my she shed with them to create a dining shed.  This gave them a built in, finished look and changed my she shed into a dining shed instantly.

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Basic shelves three ways- dining shed

I created the dining shed for an autumn dinner party post for Evite®.  You can see more photos from this post here.

Basic shelves three ways- chevron shelves

The next set of bookshelves is in my living room.  I painted them blue and white and added wood to the back in a chevron pattern.

Basic shelves three ways- chevron shelves

You can find the instructions for creating your own DIY shelves here.

Basic shelves three ways- plaid wallpaper

The next bookshelf is in my family room/sewing room.  It’s right next to my plaid wall which you can see more of here.

Modern Farmhouse Style Plaid Wall- Snippets of Design

DIY basic bookshelf with wallpaper

I used plywood on the back of the shelves instead of the supplied cardboard and I simply wallpapered it.  It’s easiest if you apply the wallpaper before you attach the plywood to the bookshelf.

Basic shelves three ways- plaid wallpaper

These bookshelves make great weekend projects because they are quick but they make a big impact.

Happy DIYing friends!

March 22, 2020


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