A tradition that has always been there in my family is breakfast in bed.  It has always been a large part of celebrating every birthday, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.  We have always enjoyed it and my Mom was always found at the heart of it, making it happen.



We are all grown up now and we have families of our own, but many of us have continued the tradition in our own homes.
Via: Unknown

Via: Unknown

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share a few breakfast in bed ideas.
There are so many simple touches that look elegant but they are easy and they will make your Mom, wife, or friend feel spoiled.
The first secret to breakfast in bed pampering is the bed tray .  As you can see, it is possible to make a cute tray from a crate, cookie sheet, piece of wood, or you can to buy one.
* hint to make it special: use a new tray that they can keep.


VIa: Keepin It Kind

VIa: Keepin It Kind

Then add a few flowers.  Place them in a small vase, mason jar, or wrap
them in some paper or twine.
*hint to make it special: buy their favorite flowers in their favorite colors.


Choose a lovely napkin.  White, linen, or floral always work well.
You may also want to include something for them to read like a book, a magazine, their ipad, or the newspaper.
*hint to make it special:  Add a handwritten note, a poem you have written for them, or a picture you have made for them.
After you cover the details.  Decide what you want to serve with their favorite beverage.
*hint to make it special: serve their favorite drink in a creative container.
Via: Adventures in Cooking

Via: Adventures in Cooking

If you are feeling adventurous, goat cheese & mascarpone vanilla bean pancakes with strawberry rhubarb syrup from
Adventures in Cooking sounds fancy and uses a few more ingredients but if you can make pancakes, I believe you can make these too.
If you would like to make a super easy  but classy pancake, this raspberry vanilla bean dutch baby with blueberry sauce from Kailley’s Kitchen might be your play.  It bakes in the oven so you don’t even have to flip them on a skillet.
Via: Popsugar

Via: Popsugar

Eggs are always a good choice and these recipes, coddled eggs from Popsugar, and
Via: Handmade Charolette

Via: Handmade Charlotte

garden vegetable baked eggs from Handmade Charlotte are super easy but they still look fancy in their own personal serving dishes.
Via: Kitchen Tested

Via: Kitchen Tested

Roasted pear and brie galette from Kitchen Tested looks amazing if you are willing to take it on
but if you want REALLY simple, you could always make your Mom some fruit parfaits.
Like the ones in this picture from Eat Drink Garden.
They are lovely but they don’t need any cooking.  They simply require layering fruit, granola, and yogurt which anyone can handle.
You can find a recipe here.
Would you believe that gifting has even become easy?
Evite has recently come out with a new instant gifts app. for iOS.  I had the awesome opportunity to try it out.  I loved it! I purchased gifts for both my Mom and Mother in Law.  I was very impressed with the quality of gifts offered, the variety, and how simple and fun it was to use.
They offer gifts for every occasion:


You can search through all the gifts offered or click on the upper right corner to create a search.
You can choose a budget range for your search.  You can even choose a brand or gender preference.
I chose a bed tray for my Mom and a recipe book for my Mother in Law.
Evite Collage Gifts
Evite even gave me the opportunity to write a short, personal note to both of them.
IMG_4411 (1)
 After I paid, I received this note from Evite:
I LOVE that Evite let’s them accept the gift I chose for them or lets them choose an alternate gift.  I feel more confident that they will receive something they really like.  I also love that the recipient is the one that fills in their shipping address because this makes it even easier to order gifts on the go or even last-minute if needs be (hey, it happens).
I can’t say enough good things about Evite’s Instant Gift App.  I truly enjoyed using it. #BeThere #Evite
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.  I know how hard you work and I hope that this post helps to makes your special day more enjoyable.
I hope it makes it easier for your loved ones to show you how much they care.
Happy DIYing friends!
*This post contains affiliate links and is part of the Evite Influencer program but all opinions and thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting my passion.
*Cover photo Via: Trendland
April 15, 2016
April 27, 2016


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