A few years ago when I painted my cabinets I decorated a couple of my cabinets in a special way.

I though I would share them with you today.


I painted the middle with chalkboard paint then I attached ribbons across the front,

and used swirlies from the scrapbook store to attach pictures.

I don’t have a ton of pictures of this project like I normally do considering I did this years ago

but I thought it would be fun to

share the idea in case anyone is looking for a new,easy project.

If you want to do this to your cabinets & you are not afraid to paint them, this project doesn’t take very long.

  • First, gently rough up the part of the cabinet that you are wanting to paint.
  • Tape it off.
  • Paint it with a layer or two of Kiltz (love Kiltz!…it works every time}.
  • Dry thoroughly.
  • Paint it with a layer or two of chalkboard paint.
  • Dry thoroughly.
  • Print out the words you would like to write on the cabinet.  Use a pencil to cover the back of the words on the piece of paper with graphite, or use graphite paper to trace the words onto the cabinet where you would like them.
  • Paint the words on the cabinet using white paint & a paintbrush.  {or use vinyl letters of course}
  • Remove tape.
  • Attach ribbons by running them across the front of the cabinet and stapling them on the inside.  Or by running them down the side of the cabinet and stapling them on the top and bottom of the cabinet where you won’t see it.
  • Attach photos with photo swirlies or something similar.  You can find these at scrapbook stores & office supply stores…
  • That’s it!  Your all done! :)  Easy huh?

I also attached ribbon to the side of the same cabinet & I attached larger ribbons using upholstery tacks

to the back of another cabinet for hanging my kid’s art projects.

I am sorry I am not showing you my entire kitchen but I promise…I will soon ;)



K, on to the next project.

I am working on redecorating the deck/porch that is attached to my bedroom!  {Yay!!!}

:) :) :) :) :) :)

I am REALLY excited about this particular project because as I mentioned in When I Know Spring is Here,

it is my happy place. :)

It has the best shad in my whole yard, it is almost always cool,

& it is the perfect place for eating a nice brunch or curling up to read a favorite book.

I love it, even now I love it. :)   I just want to love it more….;)

I considering this is really the only part of my house that is truly just mine {for the most part},

so I am going pretty selfish & girly on this one.

I thought I was doing French Country but I may be leaning a little more shabby chic…

You see, I just want to feel completely happy & “romantical” in my little space. ;)

Here are the before pics:

 I have never really decorated this space.

I have had the chairs for years {which came with the ugly cushions} & i may have had the little green table

for as long as 10 years {no joke}.

Then hubby bought me the cute bistro set off of KSL last year for Mother’s Day

& I spray painted it black.



My goal for this space is to make it cozy & inviting.

I want large cushy pillows,

soft, romantic lighting, textures & fabrics I love, & space for books & dining.

This is my design board for this project.

I want my porch to “feel” like these pictures while incorporating the style & colors on this board.

Picture Source list from upper left to right, follow the links:
{fyi: my supplies may not be exactly the same}
Fabrics, Wal-Mart,Jo-Anne Fabrics, &Home Fabrics.Tea Set;Clothespins Pictures; Beautiful Flowers;Quote;Chair Cover Inspiration;Shabby Chic Table;
Antiqued Crate;Vintage Bottles & Flowers; Bench & Basket;Antiqued Chair;Color Combination;Croissants & Coffee;Books.

So, What do you think?  Doesn’t it look cozy & “romantical”?????

I am sooo excited! :)

I am also excited because I get to post the winner for the bathtub shelf on Friday!!!

fun fun fun!!!!

Make sure you enter the contest {here} before it is too late

so you don’t miss out on your chance!

And be sure to follow my feed so you can see & download the fun printables I am about to post

& see the reveal of my cozy porch ;)

{You can do that here}.

Okay dear friends, have a wonderful, dreamy day!

I will see you soon for sure! ;)


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I am having a few technical difficulties with my comments so they are private right now, {sorry for the inconvenience} but they do reach me &  I LOVE receiving them!  Thank you everyone! ;)

May 3, 2012


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