Hello Dear Friends!

I have had the wonderful experience of getting to know the most lovely person recently.

Her name is Eva Stephen.  Her blog is Home Decor by Eva

She is sweet, kind, smart, and together not to mention very talented!

She is my guest poster today.

I have a huge love for Summer Style Decor, I think it is the open “air-y-ness” of it all and the bright cheerful colors. mmmmm…

Eva is sharing her ideas on choosing the right colors & textures to recreate your own summer style.


Just like preparing your wardrobe for different seasons is fun,

so is putting away the winter living room look and adorning it with new summer style.
Summer Design with Texture

In summer we want to get as much of the warm, happy outside life as we can. So why not bring that outside in and enjoy all the positive aspects of this joyful season? There’s a way for everyone to redecorate using new summer colors and textures, regardless of the size of one’s pocket.

Rule of Thumb for Colors

The basic rule of summer decoration is to choose light (either happy or simple) colors for walls and furniture. Some people prefer the simplicity of all-white decoration, where the bright outside colors play off the white walls, sofas and chairs.

Others like to have at least one bright piece that will give them the same feeling inside as being outside.

Summer Yellow

You can’t go wrong with happy yellow, light blue, peaceful green and playful pink. If you want all of these colors in your living room, just make sure not to make a clownish mess out of them. The best way to use them is to have pillows in each of these colors, then to paint walls in one that is the most pleasant to look at. White is probably the most common choice, as it gives you the freedom to decorate walls any way you want. Light green is also quite popular this season.

Summer Green

Textures That Feel Good on Your Skin

In summer we don’t want to sit on a sofa that will make us feel hot. If you have leather furniture where you leave sweaty marks when you’re sitting there for too long, the best solution is to cover it with pleasant cotton or gauzy covers that will be both decorative and pleasantly cool to the touch.

Summer White

If it’s time for an entirely different living room look and you want new furniture, summer is an excellent time to use all those fantastic furniture sales online and in stores. Shop4furniture has a good range of clearance sales on living room furniture.

The most sought after textures in summer are any bare floors that will feel good on your bare feet: hardwood, tiles, laminate. So, if you’ve been sporting soft, thick rugs that feel so nice in the winter, it’s time to roll them up and put them away for the season.

The most inviting summer living rooms have big windows and lots of plants.

Summer White and Red

Summer White & Green

As you can see, you can spend as little or as much as you want to welcome summer in your living room.



Thank you so much Eva!!!

You really are lovely in more ways than one…

Don’t forget to checkout her blog Decor by Eva!

Thank you again for stopping by dear friends.

I hope to see you again soon.



August 23, 2013


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