Since Christmas is this week, I thought it would be a fun idea to use Christmas Brunch as our theme for Snippets Worth Surfing…

I have no idea what it is but I have a HUGE soft spot for breakfasts foods…don’t you?…mmmmm….

Anyways…Let’s get started :)

Oh yeah…we’re soooo going to start with my favorite,

Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Stuffed French Toast

From BS in the Kitchen


Doesn’t that look yummy? All “drippy” and stuff… mmmmm

Have you ever tried Dark Chocolate & Strawberry or raspberry French Toast?  It’s amazing…

{we may just have to talk about that one day}

This would great dipped into chocolate gravy too…don’t you think?

Of course, this

Blueberry French Toast Sandwich

from Bluewillow looks completely scrumptious as well…


Croque Monsieur

from Savury and Sweet makes my mouth water…

and I ALWAYS love

a good Eggs Benedict

like this one from

I could TOTALLY enjoy this

Strawberry Souffle

from BHG…it just looks dreamy…

I could definitely eat a couple of these

Mini German Pancakes topped with Strawberries

from Real Mom Kitchen

or these

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from

Pine Cones and Acorn


or this

Caramel Chocolate French Toast

From Nika’s Culinary


Of course,if you have followed me for a while, you know I LOVE crepes…

You can find my Build your own Crepes Recipe {here}

But some Make-Ahead meals would come in handy on Christmas…


This scrumptious

Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

from Alexandra’s Kitchen


or this

Raspberry Bread Pudding {Kneader’s Copy Cat Recipe}

from  Purple Chocolat Home

or Gourmet

Mushroom-Spinach Baked Eggs

from the Food Network


and muffins like

these Blueberry, Maple, Pecan Cinnamon Buns

from Closet Cooking


are ALWAYS a good choice.

Of course, after you decide what to enjoy for brunch, you will need to decorate.

You can checkout my Gingerbread Christmas Brunch {here}

for some fun ideas.

You can also find many more fun brunch ideas on my Recipe Box {Brunch} Pinterest Page.

and more Christmas Tablescape ideas on my Tablescapes {Christmas}  

& Tablescapes {Winter} Pinterest Pages. 

I would love for you to Join me on Pinterest{here} and pin all of the ideas you would like…

I LOVE to see what people are interested in…

I feel more connected like…”Oh my Gosh!  We could TOTALLY be friends!” ;)

Thanks for surfing with me today dear friends!!!

I will see you tomorrow,

I am going to share my Christmas Decorating from my own home during the next two days before Christmas…

so follow my feed {here} or by email in the upper right corner if you haven’t already.

cause I would love to see you again…





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