Christmas Nativity/Snippets of Design

I come from a rather large family.  I have 2 sisters & 4 brothers.

So, you can imagine, when we all get together at my mom’s house, there is quite a crowd now.

Every Christmas Eve, we eat soup & rolls, exchange presents & act out the Nativity Story.

We played each of the parts when I was a child but now we have children of our own so we get to sit back & enjoy the show…

Christmas Nativity Joseph & Mary/ Snippets of Design

The youngest child always gets the honor of playing the Christ Child.

This year, baby Jesus was played by my youngest brother’s new baby girl…she was less than a couple of weeks old…so sweet.

Christmas Nativity Baby Jesus/ Snippets of Design

We had the cutest of angels this year…they were so fun to watch {& photograph}

Christmas Nativity Angels/ Snippets of Design

and the Wise-men were of course our biggest characters…

they helped us have a good time.

{ummmm…notice their awesome gold, frankincense, & mere…hehe…love it!}

Christmas Nativity Wisemen/ Snippets of Design

We even had our VERY own star! ;)

Christmas Nativity Star/ Snippets of Design

Which is great because I think our cute shepherds would have been lost without it…

Christmas Nativity Sheep & Shepherds/ Snippets of Design

We sang Christmas songs, and enjoyed the talents of our amazing family members {who honestly get better & better every year}!

Christmas Nativity Musical Numbers / Snippets of Design

It was a wonderful evening.

I love my family’s traditions.

What traditions does your family have?


Tomorrow on Snippets Worth Surfing, I am going to share some fun New Years Eve Party ideas

& I am REALLY excited!

so I hope that you will join me…


December 29, 2012


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