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Red, Black, and White Christmas Party on the Fly

You can visit this page to see all of the other creative ideas as well.

We had a great time hanging out and eating yummy food.

Plus, it was a blast to take pictures and post them to our party photo feed on Evite®.

Red,white, and black Holiday party on the fly 3

*As you know, I am an Evite® Affiliate and Influencer.  This is an Evite® Paid Post but all of the ideas and opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting my passion.

DIY creanberry and evergreen napkin wreaths 1

I chose a black, white, and red theme using berries and evergreen.  They look great, they are easily accessible, and they are very inexpensive.

A bag of cranberries costs less than $5 and you can buy left over branches from almost any Christmas tree stand for $5 as well.

I already had the snow-berries and vase but you can find branches of snow-berries on sale at almost any craft store for less that $5 a branch.  I have bought them on sale before for $2.50 each.

DIY Cranberry and Rosemary Drink Stirrers

DIY Cranberry and Rosemary Drink Stirrers 2

I was able to create some great decor items that added a lot to my table.

DIY Cranberry and Rosemary Drink Stirrers 3

Like these cranberry drink stirrers.

These look great and they are simple to make.

Here is a short video to show you how to create your own. 

DIY creanberry and evergreen napkin wreaths 3
DIY creanberry and evergreen napkin wreaths 4
I was also able to dress up my napkins quite nicely with these
cranberry and evergreen wreaths.
Here is a video that shows how to create those.
I carried the cranberry theme to the food as well.
My menu included
Cranberry and Brie Appetizer Bites 2
Cranberry & Brie Appetizer Bites.
Here is a video showing how easy these are to make:
They were yummy too!
You can find the downloadable recipe here.
Cranberry and Brie Appetizer Bites 3
We also had Individual Cranberry and Cinnamon Trifles which turned out amazing!
Individual Cranberry and Cinnamon Pudding Trifles 1
Here is a video showing how to put these little jems together:
You can find the downloadable recipe here.
Christmas Party on the Fly 3
We also enjoyed sugared walnuts and shrimp cocktail.
You can find the sugared walnuts recipe here.
Sugar Roasted Walnuts
Shrimp Cocktail
Cheese board For a Christmas Party on the Fly
One of my favorite things to include in a last minute party menu is a cheese board so of course, I had two.
Christmas Carol Pictionary 1
For entertainment, we played Christmas Carol Pictionary.  It was a blast and I love that it’s a new take on an old favorite tradition.
I also downloaded some of Evite’s® adorable photo cutouts and we got a little goofy.img_2789
This is what the pictures look like when they are added to a party photo album on Evite®.
What’s great is, anyone can add or download pics.  It makes things really easy.
Evite® also included a free thank you card so I could easily thank my guests for coming.
Christmas Carol Pictionary
If you would like to create your own berry and evergreen party or any holiday party on the fly, I have included some free printables to help.
They Include:

  • An invitation that you can use on Evite® as a create your own following the instructions here.
  • A Holiday party checklist.
  • Christmas Carol Pictionary cards.

Here are the .zip files for download

download green

download grey

Hopefully these ideas help you easily pull off your own Holiday parties

Parties really are so much easier to pull off with Evite®.  They offer some really great options.

Happy Holidays my friends!

Happy DIYing,

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December 16, 2016


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