Lemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesHello friends!  How are you today?

How has your summer been?

I hope that you have made many lovely memories doing many fun things

with people you adore.

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

I have always loved Lemonade stands.  I think they are such a fun way to celebrate summer.Lemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesI thought you might enjoy them too so I designed a set of printables for you to create your own.
Lemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesIt includes stickers, cupcake liners, signs, & bunting…everything you could possibly ever want

to have your own lemonade stand & bake sale.

It’s Country General Store style with fun, bright, catchy colors.Lemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesI also built a lemonade stand to go with it.Lemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesLemonade Stand Instructions & Printables


Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Here are the instructions:

All I did was build a frame out of pine.

Here are the measurements:

Lemonade Stand Instructions1

Then I nailed more pine boards over the top of it, covering the entire frame except for the back.

 The back I left open.

Lemonade Stand Instructions 2

Here are printable PDF’s for you to print out and use.  Just click on the words:

Lemonade Stand Instructions1

Lemonade Stand Instructions2

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

After I had it all pieced together I painted it all white & traced “Lemonade” on it.

You can also use a craft cutting machine to make it easier. ;)


Here is a printable version for you.  You can blow it up as large as you feel comfortable:



I then brushed in the outline of the lettering with some green paint & after it was dry, I roughed up the entire thing.

{Mostly on the edges but a little randomly as well just  to mix it up}

Lemonade Stand & Bake Sale

Lemonade Stand Instructions and Printables

It’s as easy as that!  Now you can order up some fun printables and enjoy your creation!

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables


Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Lemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesLemonade Stand Instructions & PrintablesLemonade Stand Instructions & Printables

Thank you for visiting with me today, I hope that you had as much fun as I did.

Here are the lemonade printables:

Large Bunting 1

Large Bunting 2

Scalloped and Mini Bunting

Scalloped Cupcake Liners

Cookie Labels


Country Store Bake Sale Signs

Drink Straw Flags and Labels


Happy DIYing!




  1. Eva

    August 19, 2013

    Amber this is lovely!!
    I love the colors and freshness you’ve created through the banners, signs and personalized print tags! the cupcakes look delicious and the lemonade is so refreshing! *dream lemonade stall*


  2. amber

    August 19, 2013

    Thank you Eva! It was so fun to make…

  3. Midsommarflicka

    August 21, 2013

    That lemonade stand is so cute!
    I definitely need a garden as soon as possible. And then I will have a lemonade stand just for decoration :)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  4. Jessica Christian

    August 23, 2013

    I was having a bit sluggish day but this post has refreshed me from head to toe. All the colors and the tempting Home cookies/lemonades have rejuvenated me completely. I have fallen in love with your creations.
    The best ones are the lemonade paper glasses with a cute lil tiny winy “TAKE A SIP” tag attached ;)

    Love and hugs
    Jessica x

  5. amber

    August 23, 2013

    Thanks ladies! I appreciate all of your kind words & I am so glad you liked it! You guys make me smile. Love you for that! :)

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