This Evening, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting & taking “before” pictures of a French country manor in a neighboring town.  The manor, although it was built-in the 1980’s was pure perfection at the time.  They spared no cost.  The woodwork is perfection & the property is a wonderland complete with many sitting areas, walking, paths, a two-story playhouse, a playground, a full tennis court, & a beautiful creek which fills with pure mountain water in the springtime.

The neighboring homes have the most lovely covered bridges {for their driveways!!!!! oh soooo jealous…} & I just happened to be there at the perfect time to capture the most amazing photographs of the bridges & the setting sun.

I have always been enamored, like many of you, with covered bridges.  I am not quite sure why but something about them screams romance & almost demands a sigh of admiration.





So, after getting bit by the “covered bridge bug”, We decided to search for a few more.  We created a Covered Bridge {Love} board on Pinterest {you can find that here} & we pinned EVERY covered bridge we could find.

The very first bridge I was drawn to was a little red bridge surrounded by greenery.  I followed the pin to its source because of course, I wanted to use it in this post and I was very excited to find out the bridge is in Ohio!  I was completely tickled because for those of you that have followed me for a while {& read this post}, you know I grew up in Ohio, I LOVE it there & I miss it dearly…

Hidden Bridge in the Glen | Yellow Springs, Ohio

 “The hidden Bridge in the Glen” It even has an adorably, cozy name…I love it!

Out of all the bridges, I believe  the  Gallon House Covered Bridge in Oregon has the best story.

You should take the time to visit  Rick Hamell’s Pacific Northwest Photoblog to read

the story behind this breathtaking bridge. 


Moonshine central, Gallon House Covered Bridge in Oregon over Abiqua Creek between Silverton and Mt. Angel.

Rich Hammel is an amazing, talented photographer.  I was extremely impressed with his blog.

You should definitely check it out.


Lake Creek (Nelson Mountain) Covered Bridge


Rick Hamell  stated on his blog :

“The Lake Creek Covered Bridge is located about 38 miles west on Highway 36 from out of Eugene. What is interesting about this picture – is that it was about 11am on an otherwise sunny day. A huge fog bank from the Ocean covered everything inland for miles.”

What an absolutely perfect and dreamy picture it created!  Just beautiful.



Bridgeton Mill Bridge in Indiana

 I found this picture of the Bridgeton Mill Bridge on Flickr.  Someone with the user name amries captured it.  I loved the charm of the old mill.

Skippack Creek Bridge near Shippack Village, Pennsylvania.

I really like this Beautiful covered bridge captured by George Conn, it crosses the Shippack Creek near Shippack Village, Pennsylvania.  It reminds me of a Grand White Barn.

Beautiful Red Covered Bridge Somewhere in Vermont.

I am so enamored by the red bridges.  Andrew L. Seymour has captured some amazing photographs which really tell the story of the bridges he visits & exposes them from new angles.  I am completely impressed with his talents as a photographer.



 I found this beautiful green bridge on Ken {&} Amanda {dot} com.  I love that it is such a different color & the fact that the trees are blooming around it.

Fall in Blue Ridge taken by Kevin {&} Amanda


And in conclusion, I absolutely LOVE this photo whose source I could not find.  I am very impressed with the photographer’s work.   Aren’t the cherry blossoms simply lovely?

Thank you for joining me for my little journey through some of the country’s most breathtaking covered bridges.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Below is a list of resources & links to their websites.

I hope that you will visit them & flip through some of their other photos,

that should keep you busy until I see you again…;)

I have some great recipes, tables-capes, & invitations coming soon

so be sure to follow my feed {here} so you don’t miss them!

As always, it is good to see you dear friends & I hope to see you again soon,


Hidden Bridge in the Glen by Me and My Photos :) via Flickr

Gallon House Covered Bridge by Rick Hamell at Pacific Northwest Photoblog 

Lake Creek  Covered Bridge by Rick Hamell at Pacific Northwest Photoblog

Bridgeton Mill Bridge  by amries via Flickr

 Skippack Creek Bridge by George Conn via Bing Images

Vermont Covered Red Bridge-Photographer and Web address unknown

Bartram-Goshen Covered Bridge by Andrew L. Seymour via

Rudolph & Arthur Covered Bridge by Andrew L. Seymour via

Kennedy Covered Bridge by Andrew L. Seymour via

Fall in Blue Ridge taken by Kevin {&} Amanda via

September 15, 2012


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  1. Elaina

    April 6, 2015

    The last bridge with the cherry blossoms is the Stayton-Jordan Bridge in Stayton, Oregon. The photo was taken by Celine Chamberlin. You can see more of her photos on

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