Do you remember when you were young. peering out the window of your warm, cozy home

and watching Mother Nature blanket the world with snow?


Via: Tiny White Daisies Tumblr


I remember hoping for more and more snow which is saying a LOT because Ohio gets a ton of snow every winter.


  I no longer beg for snow now that I have gotten older {& begun to drive}.

But I still LOVE to watch it fall…





 But I’ll be honest, what I like most about the snow is sitting inside feeling all warm and cozy


Lighting my candles,


Wearing my cozy socks,


Lighting a warm fire,

Enjoying a Steamy cup of hot chocolate,

And settling into a comfy chair with a great book

and a soft, fluffy throw…

 It isn’t that hard to stay cozy in spite of the cold…

What do you do to stay cozy?

You can find pictures like I posted here and much more on my Pinterest…I would love to have you join me there :)

I am photographing some of our Christmas Decorations this weekend.

I am pretty excited…I LOVE Christmas!

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* All photography is linked to it’s source unless it’s source was not located.


December 7, 2012
December 10, 2012


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