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img_2299One of the great things about the holidays is the opportunity to spend time with family and friends but with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the activities of the holidays, it’s sometimes hard to make your guests feel pampered.

Welcoming basket for house guests

The secret to making guests feel spoiled is a combination of fulfilling their needs and surprising them with pampering details.

There are ways you can achieve this whether your  space for guests consists of a room, a couch, or an air mattress.

Simple ideas for pampering your guests.

Let’s start with the guest room.

A great guest room should feel cozy and serve the needs of your guests while making them feel pampered.

Think of the feeling you get when you enter a 5 star, hotel room.  It feels like a breath of fresh air, warm and inviting.  It  looks soft but put together.  You want to touch and lay on everything.  Plus, they include great details like a fluffy robe for you to use or a yummy chocolate on your pillow.  

Everyone feels spoiled in a nice hotel room.


The most important piece in a guest room is the bed.

The bed should be sturdy and attractive.

You might want to consider a beautiful upholstered headboard,

like this one, because it is inviting and can double as a chair.

This is also helpful if there isn’t room for a sitting area in your guest space.



After you pick out the bed frame, you will need a choose a cozy mattress.

I would recommend a Leesa® mattress because they are extremely comfortable,

they are a great price, and they ship straight to your home.

Plus, as an added bonus, Leesa® donates a mattress to homeless shelters for every 10 mattresses they sell.


Then you need to pick out sheets.

Pretty sheets always add a feeling of romance which tends to make people feel loved.

That’s why lace sheets are great but the thread count is important to keep in mind for comfort.  


Anything over 1000 thread count tends to feel softer on your skin.

That’s why hotel style sheets are a great option too.  They look and feel great.


Then you need a Down Comforter.

A down, down alternative, or down-blend comforter is a very important aspect  in creating a pampering guest room as well.  I like to use two down comforters, one called “warm” for summer and spring, and a “warmer” one for winter use.  Especially for the holidays,  it will make the bed really fluffy and make your guest feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.




You might want to cover your comforters with comforter covers to keep them nice.

I also enjoy the look of a sham or quilt over down comforters.  

 Gray and white are always nice neutral colors for a guest room.


Pillows always add an element of beauty and comfort.

Two large shams and three small pillows is usually a good rule.

Mixing textures and patterns adds interest and beauty.

get-this-look_artic-fox-throwSpeaking of texture, a yummy throw is the perfect way to finish off a guest bed.

There are so many beautiful, soft throws with amazing textures around to choose from now.  

Faux fur is especially fun and cozy.


Whether you have a guest room or not, a guest basket or tray is always a good idea for pampering your guests.

img_2299 img_2353

Drinks, treats, and entertainment are always appreciated.img_2297

bed-ribbons1 img_2351


It is always helpful to include your wifi password as well since everyone likes to feel connected.


Here is a free printable for you to print off and create your own wifi sign:

download greenimg_2332



When creating your  gift basket, include things that make your guests feel special.  As in most situations, the love is in the details.

Include things like:

Even if it’s not in the cards for you to turn a spare bedroom into a guest room.  You can still create a gift basket or included some of the following ideas in a guest bathroom to help your guests feel spoiled.


Some great ideas to include in your guest bathroom.



You Could Include things Like:

I hope that gives you some good inspiration for entertaining your guests this holiday season and I hope your guests feel spoiled.  

Happy DIYing friends!

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