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Designing a She Shed with KILZ

Designing a She Shed_growing up

I grew up in Ohio, surrounded by trees.  I fell in love with the feelings of peace and solitude that are created when trees fill your world with the sounds of rustling leaves that always sooth the soul.  Some of my favorite memories were created while sitting under a large shade tree while reading a book, having a picnic, or chatting with a good friend.  I’m not sure what it is but for some reason, I belong in the trees.

Designing a She Shed _growing up

Years ago, I left Ohio and I moved to Utah.  Utah is a very nice, safe place and if you go up the canyon, just 5 minutes away, there are plenty of trees.  There are trees by our home as well but trees must be planted here and watered.  They don’t grow as tall and they are much more spread out and sparse.  Plus, they aren’t the same kind of sturdy, reliable trees that I grew up with.

When we bought this house, the thing I liked most about it was the trees.  There were 8-10 large cottonwood trees and when I sat beneath them, I felt like I was home.

These are pictures from the balcony off my second story bedroom.  This cozy little spot used to be my happy place.  Notice the green that surrounded it and the shade that was created.  Although it’s a little shabby chic for me now, this used to be the perfect place to sit and read a book, drink tea, or have a relaxing meal.

Designing a She Shed_Cottage Porch

Designing a She Shed_Cottage Porch

Designing a She Shed_Cottage Porch

Designing a She Shed_Cottage Porch

Unfortunately, one by one, all the original trees that were here died.  Although this was hard for me to accept, and I consistently mourn them, I wasn’t completely surprised.  Cottonwoods are known for having a short life compared to most trees and mine had been around for 30 years.

It was unfortunate however,and made my green yard look terribly naked and sad.

Designing a She She_mourning the trees

I am here now without a happy place or even a cozy corner to read in so, I have decided to remedy the situation.  Luckily, trees are replaceable and I plan on filling my entire yard with trees (and maybe a pool, crossing my fingers).   This is my plan.   The problem is however, this takes a while.  Depending on the type of tree, it could take upwards of 10-20 years to get new trees to the size I want them to be.   This means I need an ulterior plan in the meantime.

I decided a she shed is the answer.  So, I am using an old shed we have in the back yard to create one.  I thought that this would be a fun project for me to document here on Snippets of Design.  Most women I have spoken to love she sheds and would like one but, they are a little over-whelmed with the idea of creating one themselves.  I believe that by sharing ideas, resources, and step by step projects with you, that we can easily break this down into a project that any of us can handle and afford.

Designing a She Shed_the shed

This is my shed.  It is a basic, inexpensive used and abused shed. 

We are going to make it beautiful.

Designing a She Shed_the shed

Here is the wide view of the shed.  I have decided that not only do I want to decorate the shed but I also want to create a relaxing oasis on that entire corner of the yard.  I want a whole little tranquil area to hide in.  This will be easy because I am mostly using items that I already have or that I have found for a great price. I am going to make my old, used items look new.  This is possible because KILZ® Paint and Primer believes in dreamers like us.  The ones that can see past the problems to the potential in a renovation project.  I will be using KILZ® COMPLETE COAT™ Paint  It’s a paint and primer in one and it is for both interior and exterior use.  It comes in hundreds of colors and it works great on a wide array of surfaces.  To top it off, it’s available at Walmart for a fantastic price which means that I can afford all of the following projects:

  • the shed, including shiplap, board & batten, and faux brick
  • a shop sign that says, “happy place”
  • a couple of window boxes
  • some baskets and crates to use as shelving
  • some vintage apple baskets
  • the hardware for three adorable, scalloped awnings
  • a couple of Adirondack chairs
  • a work table
  • a gardening area including a planting bench and a hose sink (I really want to make soap…yeah, the hard kind, from scratch. I think it’s pretty. Lol. I’ll keep you posted)
  • some raised garden beds
  • a window greenhouse
  • the other two awesome windows I scored
  • some dipped pots
  • a boot drip pan
  • a serving tray
  • a water feature
  • a vintage fan (that still works)
  • three bread loaf trays (perfect for storage)
  • a small round table
  • a table top for a metal bucket/table
  • a gazebo
  • a hammock stand
  • some chairs for relaxing
  • some benches around a fire pit
  • a bistro table
  • a picnic table
  • and a couple of beaded candle chandelier projects that I’m SUPER excited about!

Designing a She Shed_the projects Designing a She Shed_the projects 

Designing a She Shed_the projects

This is going to be soooo much fun!

I know this looks like a lot, but most of these items just require paint and if I can handle that, so can you.  Plus, it’s easy with KILZ® COMPLETE COAT because it’s a paint and primer in one so there are less coats required.

You can also pick and choose the projects that you are interested in and I will personally walk you through the simple steps to complete them.  I want to help inspire you to start your own projects in your own style.   Copy what you would like and change what you don’t like.  The magic of DIY is that you get to include your own style and personality in every project you do.

Designing a She Shed_the shed

I have been using KILZ® Primer since I started refinishing furniture.  Someone told me that I needed to use KILZ Primer to begin all sorts of projects, they said KILZ Products are great and that starting correctly will help you finish with a beautiful, durable project.  They were right.  I fell in love with KILZ® Products immediately and I started using it on so many of my different projects.  I have used it on wood, veneer, terra cotta, and even counter tops.  I have used it on two different countertops and they have both lasted for over 14 years.  Can you believe that?

Yep, I’m a fan. 

While preparing for this project, I noticed a large “M” on the side of my shed.

Designing a She Shed_the M

Weird, right?  I don’t even have a child with a name that begins with the letter “M”.

(Well, unless you include my husband.  His name is Michael but I really hope it wasn’t him. lol)

I asked around and I found out that my son had painted it there.  He was testing out the spray paint, no idea why.  I can’t blame him though, since I am a bit of a paint fanatic myself, if you haven’t noticed.  So, I didn’t get mad, it honestly didn’t bother me at all I just calmly said “that’s okay, we’ll just KILZ® that away!”  The funny part?  This was before I knew I was working with the KILZ Brand on this project.  I was already going to use KILZ Products as I usually do.  I’m absolutely tickled to be working with a company and brand that I admire so much.

Designing a She Shed with KILZ_shopping for paint

When I went to Walmart to select and purchase my paint for this project, I was very impressed with the KILZ® Paint swatch selection.  I hear there are even more colors available online at Walmart.com. There are so many pretty shades I can’t wait to use.

Designing a She Shed with KILZ _shopping for paint

They also had pamphlets full of ideas and inspiration which were very helpful.

Designing a She Shed with KILZ

Designing a She Shed with KILZ

When I chose my colors, I wanted them to feel soothing and relaxing. 

I want the she shed to truly become my new happy place so I want everything to feel cozy, peaceful, and tranquil.

I had an idea of the colors that I like so when I found the perfect pillows, it sealed the deal.  I based my designs and colors on the pillows.

Here is what I came up with for the inside.

Designing a She Shed with KILZ _ the interior


This is what it looks like inside right now.

Designing a She Shed_the interior before

and this is what I came up with for the outside.

Designing a She Shed with KILZ _ exterior plan


Here is the general idea for the layout.

Designing a She Shed_the layout

And here is the design in a 3D visual to help you picture it in your head.



I’m calling this style chic country farmhouse with touches of whimsy.

I’m excited to get started.

My soul has always loved the old mixed with the new and I have a soft spot for splashes of color combined with fun, creative details.  There is something about taking old, worn things and making them new again.  It’s like magic for the dreamers and creators in all of us.  Those of us that see things not how they are, but how they could be.  Those of us that see the dents and imperfections as strengths and character traits that add to the personality of our projects. KILZ® helps make even our wildest dreams possible because KILZ® believes in the potential of our dreams as much as we do.  It’s nice to have someone pulling for us, especially a company with a product as reliable as KILZ®.  Don’t ever stop dreaming or creating my friends.

Be sure to check back here to see the progress of this project and grab some creative DIY ideas for your next creative venture.

Happy DIYing friends!


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