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For years I have admired the look of Barn Doors Above a Mantel to hide a flat screen.  I remember When I first saw this example created by Crisp Architects…I just about died.  It’s incredible gorgeous!  I have (not so secretly) coveted it ever since….

The Truth is, EVERY TIME I saw barn doors, I fell in love…

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So, one day, I decided I was going to make them.  I started by researching hardware…

Did you know that barn door hardware is up-words  of $500-$1000?  That’s insane!  I may have been doing this “Live Beautifully on ANY Budget” thing for too long but I knew there was a way to get the look I wanted without the high cost.  It just required a fun filled field trip to the hardware store & who’s going to complain about that???  Not me!

At Lowe’s® I found some metal wheels designed for closet doors & all sorts of metal stripping.  That’s when the idea on how to pull off the doors started to come together….

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

The basic idea was to attach the wheels to the doors and  get them to roll on a metal railing that hung from the ceiling.  I definitely wanted the doors to be functional & attractive.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Plywood for the door.  Something with a nice grain.  It also needs to be sturdy without being too heavy.  You will need enough to make two doors the width & height you desire.
  2. Thin strips of plywood or pine for the edging on the doors.
  3. Metal stripping. The length of the width of the doors + 10-12 inches
  4. Metal stripping.  Enough to make 4 brackets that bend up & over but still come down the door almost a fourth of the way.
  5. 4 Metal closet door wheels.
  6. 8 rounded washers.
  7. 14 Metal washers
  8. 14 Metal bolts. Long enough to go through the bracket, all of the wood, the metal wheels, 4 rounded washers, a regular washer, & a nut without hitting the TV.
  9. 14 Metal nuts that fit the bolts.
  10. Metal brackets.  Enough to hold up a couple of heavy doors & the length you need for your space.
  11. Drywall screws that fit the brackets.
  12. 2 Cabinet handles of your choice.
  13. 2 smaller brackets to go behind the bottom of the doors

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

First you need to measure  and decide the exact size you would like your doors to be.  Then cut them out & apply molding or thin wood strips as desired.  After you sand them, paint or stain them as desired.  I used Kilz 2 Latex because it is the only thing I trust to prime wood with and  Glidden® High Endurance Plus Paint in Spring Green Eggshell.

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

Create the brackets by bending the metal strips in the middle, this is easier if you have a heat torch but it can be done without or a professional might be able to help.  Drill 3 holes, through each bracket.  Make sure you go through both sides.

Compile the wheel assembly in the center of the top hole.

The bolt should go through;

  1. The metal
  2. 2 Rounded washers facing each other
  3. A metal wheel
  4. 2 More rounded washers
  5. The metal
  6. A flat washer
  7. A bolt.

Through the bottom two holes the bolt should go through:

  1. The metal
  2. The door
  3. The metal
  4. A flat washer
  5. A bolt

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

Attach the running bar to the ceiling or wall with brackets.  Drill as many wholes as needed without compromising the integrity of the metal.  Make sure Everything is VERY sturdy.  Don’t forget to use the drywall screws and don’t skimp on them.  Buy the good metal ones.

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

Attach the middle brackets first then the doors.

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

Drill a whole on the outside ends where you would like the doors to stop when they are open.  Stick a bolt through the holes to act as a stopper.

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

Attach the outside brackets.  Our brackets got a little messy in the center so we then attached another strip of metal over the top to clean things up.

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

Attach the handles where desired.  You can’t see them but we placed a small bracket on the mantle behind each door so our doors wouldn’t swing back & hit the TV.

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

I LOVE the way they turned out… I finally have my barn doors…

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design




After we finished our barn doors, I found this Pottery Barn photo & realized the we had created a look-a-like without even knowing it…

Pretty fun right?  Except theirs are almost $400.  Mine are were only $75.

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

DIY Barn Doors | Snippets of Design

Okay, okay…now go out & create your own….have a grand time! :)

Thanks for stopping by sweet friends…

See you again soon!




December 8, 2014


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