I have a soft spot for front porches.  I always have.A porch was a requirement in a home for me.But I am also a realist so, it was not  the highest requirement.I know other things come firstso I ended up with a “teaser” porch.

What is a teaser porch you say?Well,It’s definitely a porch & from the front of my house it looks like a porchbut when you get right up to it,there is barely enough room for my rocking chairs let alone  any legs or a walkway.It’s okay though, I am happy just to have a teaser for now.Dreaming is good & really, who wants all their dreams all at once?There would be nothing left to dream about , wish about, or work for.So, welcome to my “porch dreams”I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…I LOVE this porch Designed by Alix J. Bragg.The home has large wooden windows and doors, and the porch is very large .I love the wood planking on the ceiling and floor.She also did a beautiful job decorating it, the furniture is cozy and inviting& I really like that she included plants & fans.



I like Susan Duane’s porch swing and bistro set.

I just want to sit and eat a pastry here…

Photo by Susan Duane


Now, with my porch dreaming, I am not biased.

I like all kinds of porches.

Screened in Porches,


Design by Blackstone Edge Studios – Philip Clayton-Thompson

Wanna be screened in porches,


Design by Van Wicklen Design

Design by Van Wicklen Design


Photo by Michael Garland via Fabulous Fifi

Photo by MICHAEL GARLAND via Fabulous Fifi

Or even just make-shift patios,

{I have make-shift patios like these all-over my backyard}

Photo by MARK LHOMAN via Fabulous Fifi

Design by Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

See, I’m not picky.

Aren’t they all just beautiful?


Okay, one last picture, not because it matches but because I just really like it.

Isn’t this the most beautiful fountain you have ever seen?

Design by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

I love it, I think it’s great.

I need one in my outdoor life! hehe.

Well, thank you so much for porch dreaming with me today!

I am so excited…

My husband helped me build a bathtub shelf this weekend.

Do you know what a bathtub shelf is?

It is a wooden plank that you place over the top of your tub so you have somewhere to set

your book , candles, scrub, food, tea…or whatever you want!

I am staining it and varnishing it as we speak.

It is turning out even better than expected.  I love it & I think you will too!

I will be posting the tutorial this week.

Make sure you follow my feed so you don’t miss it!

Okay dear friends,


I do not own any rights to most of the pictures above but I tried

to link all of them to their original post.

If you find any that I need to be corrected please let me know.  Thank you!


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