I’d like to share something with you today that I don’t talk about very often…

I am sharing it with all of you because although we may never meet, I believe the internet allows us to become fast friends & this detail helped make me who I am today.

My Grandfather founded the VitaMix® Corporation.

My Garandma & Grandpa
{this is my family’s favorite picture. They look so happy}

My Grandparents both came from humble beginnings.  They lived through the Great Depression & prided themselves on working hard, saving, & surviving.  They lived a simple life even as the company grew larger.  They had plenty of money but we were taught to be frugal, inventive, & well educated.  My Grandfather even built their log home with his own two hands.

He also built VitaMix®, right next door in the same log cabin style.

They used to travel across the country selling the VitaMixes® at trade shows while living in a camper.

They had six children  who went on to have many grandchildren & we are still having great grandchildren.

The Vita-Mix was a daily part of our lives.  They didn’t just sell them, they lived the healthy lifestyle they promoted.  I remember many meals spent around this very table, laughing with my Grandparents & family while eating homemade {completely} whole wheat bread & freshly ground applesauce or peanut butter.

We used to help my Grandparents grind the wheat, and make the bread all in the Vintage 3600 Machine.

{I have a very strong memory of helping them with the tap tap movement of the Vita-Mix

while the dough was in it’s ball stage}

I also remember helping pour in the peanuts for the peanut butter or the apples for the applesauce.

My Grandfather was an outgoing character with a ton of personality, he was always fun to be around.

My Grandmother was more quiet.

She was well educated & had an infectious, almost silly giggle that was always completely contagious.

My Grandma loved to garden

My mom holding a litter of puppies.


& they raised Dachshunds puppies.

All in all we are what I think is a very normal, strong, loving family & I feel blessed & honored to be a part of the legacy that two of the most wonderful people I know left behind.

Today I am sharing with you a VitaMix® bread recipe & a crock-pot chili recipe.

My whole young life, wheat was ground & then made into bread all in the old metal 3600 VitaMix® Machine™.

{I honesty believed while I was young, everyone did it that way}.

Although, I have included the VitaMix® instructions, there are not very many of the old,

metal machines around anymore so I am also including a recipe that has been altered for use in a counter mixer.

The altered recipe is not my Grandmother’s bread recipe.  It is out of  an older VitaMix® Cookbook™

but it was actually created by my friend Katrina’s Mom Rose who used to be the Home Economist

in the VitaMix® Test Kitchen developing recipes after my Grandmother retired.

Katrina, her Mom, & sisters.
{I absolutely adore the smiles on the younger two in the stroller
& the best part is, they still have just as cute of personalities today}.

Rose has ALWAYS been an amazing cook & she has developed some of the tastiest recipes.

Katrina shares her Mom’s cooking talents.

I have even seen her measure ingredients with her hands by sight as she states…

“Can I have a Tbsp?  Oh, no bother, my mom taught me to measure with my hands….”

I am also sharing with you my favorite chili recipe.

Another friend from VitaMix® actually shared the recipe with me so,

not only is it fitting, it is yummy with the perfect mix of spice & taste.

Here are the links to the recipes:

VitaMix® Bread





My Favorite Chili





Warm Homemade Applesauce



Completely Whole Wheat Vintage VitaMix® Bread





Thank you all for visiting again today…

I hope you have a wonderful day!

I also hope to see you again soon…press {here} to make sure you don’t miss anything. ;)



September 25, 2012



  1. Jamie Schmidt

    February 16, 2013

    I just purchased a new Vitamix after using my vintage 3600 (I purchased used at a garage sale) for the past 5 years. The sticker on the bottom of the unit has the date July ’78 and it still works very well. It was a pleasure finding your web page and reading about your grandparents and the humble beginings they had and the good ol’ fashioned American ingenuity that inspired the Vitamix. We need more of those values and character in our society today! I am looking forward to using my new Vitamix and am already considering purchasing a 64oz container as I am going to try and feed my family of 5 on Vitamix recipies for at least 80% of our monthly meals….I am excited for this self imposed challenge! Thanks again for sharing your story! Jamie S.

  2. amber

    March 5, 2013

    Thank you so much Jamie! It was lovely to hear from you & I hope that you enjoy your Vita-Mix!

  3. Nancy Warner-Paserk

    June 24, 2013

    I grew up in Olmsted Falls and Vita Mix was a big part of my life for several reasons. My mother was a customer service person there for years, and when I turned 16 I got a job in the mail room. When I went off to college I continued working there during breaks but as a telephone sales agent. I sold the 3600’s of course (since this was back in the 70’s and 80’s) so I had to be very versed on the machine, so I spent many hours in the kitchen learning from Mr. Barnard himself and Jan Suciu the home economist at that time. I remember Bill and Ruth so very well, as well as their grown children. We were one big Vita Mix family! And that log cabin house that you’d see each time you pulled into the parking lot! I can say Vita Mix helped put me thru college! I found this blog because I was looking for the bread recipe for my 3600 as it is still my only version. I just hadn’t made the bread in awhile and wanted to start again. I can say you sure did come from a terrific family, you are a lucky lady!

  4. amber

    July 28, 2013

    Thank you Nancy! It was so fun to hear from you! I wonder if I knew you while I was growing up. I was there all of the time and knew most everyone at least by face. I am sure that you knew my parents Mel & Bonnee. If you need anymore recipes, I have a few of the older recipe books, just let me know.
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

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