I don’t know about you but I tend to redecorate my kitchen more than any other room in my home.  We spend so much time in our kitchens, eating and bonding, it’s no surprise.

I’m about to reveal another kitchen update and I can’t wait, I really like the way it’s turning out.  This time I moved lighting, added wood floors, and I have a beautiful new table to show you. I thought it might be fun to share a “Get This Look” post to give you some additional ideas first.  Plus, I love “on-line window shopping”.  Who doesn’t?  Especially when you can do it in your pajamas and there are sooo many available options.  Here are some items I was drawn too and where to shop them.  If you are planning on refinishing your own kitchen, here is a nice kitchen renovation guide that could be very helpful.


To start with, checkout the following bar stools…

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I love these seagrass bar stools.   The shape and natural materials are so attractive and appealing.  I think they finish off a white farmhouse kitchen perfectly. 

French bistro style chairs are so popular right now.  The colors and stripes bring a fun element to utility spots like kitchens.  I love that they come with backs

Photo via: HomeBunch

and without backs.

Photo via: Unknown

If you like something a little sturdier, these wood and metal old fashioned stools look nice.

There are also lovely choices with cushions.

Photo via: Uknown

A great table can make or brake a farmhouse kitchen.  My new table is a trestle table like this one, it upgraded the entire look of my kitchen, (as you will see soon).  Plus, it creates plenty of space for our family to enjoy a meal together.  Here is where you can purchase a custom, handmade table like mine.

Photo via: Unknown

I am completely drawn to pedestal tables, I am not sure what it is about them but I think light, refurbished wood pedestal tables are a great addition to a home.  Here is a link to my favorite one.

Photo via: Houzz

Isn’t this table gorgeous?  Plus, it looks so sturdy without being too bulky.


Lighting controls the mood of a room.  The style and amount of light they give off has a huge effect on the feelings you experience when you enter a room.  That being said, it’s also fun to play with lighting.  These brass sconce lights are a lovely addition to modern ship-lap kitchens.

Chandeliers are a must over a farmhouse table and cage chandeliers look great.

Or you could go with natural fiber pendants like these.

I personally love the light airiness of this glass globe.

The melted candle and iron styles are nice but check out that island.  Isn’t it stunning?

Back-splashes are a great place to show your personality in your kitchen.  You can go with cost effective and attractive standard white subway tile.

Or you could change it up slightly and us triangle tile.

You could also choose subway tile but change it up slightly.  There are options like marble,


or colored.

Photo via: Unknown

I have also been REALLY drawn to octagon tile and penny tiles lately too.

Photo via: Unknown

Cabinets, drawer pulls, and knobs are of course very important.  Shaker style cabinets seem to be the most common right now and I’m in love with these beautiful gold drawer pulls on dark cabinets.

Photo via: Unknown

Open shelves make my heart flutter.  Here are a few options.  You could hang them from the ceiling.

You could also use iron brackets

or wood brackets.

Range hoods have gained a lot of character lately.   You can choose dark metals,

or light metals.

You can place them on the wall or center them in the middle of the room over an island. 

You can find the beautiful brass shelf brackets from this photo here.  These are also really nice and they are half the price.  I think these ones are really lovely too. 

You can even find range hoods with tons of personality like this one.

I am also admittedly a huge sucker for farmhouse sinks.  Don’t you love them?

Photo via: Unknown

Here are some great counter options.

Quartz is lovely, there are many different styles.  I love the white and gray styles.

Of course, I love white and gray marble too.

Cement counter-tops are also lovely and they add a nice rustic appeal in a farmhouse style kitchen.  I also have a soft spot for butcher block style wood counter-tops, they are so charming.

Here are some ideas for Islands.  You may have to have them custom-made unless you want to buy a pre-made island.  Check out this cart-style pre-made island…

Here are some more standard island options.


and here are some pantries I’m obsessing over…. 

and a few fun dining areas…

I hope this gives you some great ideas for your next kitchen project.

If you would like some more ideas, checkout my ideabooks on Houzz®

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or my Pinterest Pages

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I will be posting my redecorated kitchen soon so keep your eyes open.

Happy DIYing friends!

June 15, 2018


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