Five Grateful Thanksgiving Place Settings 2

Autumn & Thanksgiving place setting with free customizable menu 1

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to help make the holidays easier so I put together 5 gratitude-themed place settings that you can throw together in no time.  I’ve created printables for most of them and you can buy most of the supplies with just a click on-line.

Here is a video I created to show how easy they are to assemble:


Thanksgiving Tablescapes from Amber Burrahm on Vimeo.


 The first table setting I have to share, you might recognize from a previous post.

A Night of Gratitude | Live Beautifully

5 Thanksgiving table settings and free printables 2 | Snippets of Design

It’s Called an Evening of Gratitude

Here is the Supply List:

You can find the instructions for creating the menu and its matching invitation here.

This next place setting I created because I wanted to have an option that included a bottle.

(You know how I love drink containers and paper straws.)

5 Thanksgiving Table Settings 5

5 Thanksgiving Table Settings 6


Cheers & Thanks

The Supply List:

Watch the video to see how to prepare the bottle and put together the place setting.

Watch this video to learn how to print and cut the tag and cards using your Cricut®.  You can also cut them out by hand.

Here is the download:

download green


The next table setting is elegant, simple, and easy.

5 Thanksgiving Table Settings 3

The simple gold touches add plenty of bling so it’s easy to finish off the table setting with a small “grateful” card.

Five Grateful Thanksgiving Tablescapes 4

The Grateful Pineapple

Supply List:

You can print and cut the name cards using your Cricut® and the instructions here or you can cut them out by hand.

Here is the Download:

download pink

The next place setting does not involve any printables.  Instead, it involves an easy yet beautiful napkin fold.

Five Grateful Thanksgiving Place Settings 9

Five Grateful Thanksgiving Place Settings 7

Five Grateful Thanksgiving Place Settings 8

The Lotus Flower

Supply List:

Watch the video to learn how to fold the napkin and assemble the place setting.

For the fifth place setting,  I wanted to include a favor that you could present to your guests.

Five Grateful Thanksgiving Tablescapes 10

Five Grateful Thanksgiving Tablescapes 11

Gratitude is in the Bag

Supply List:

Use your Cricut® and these instructions to cut the word “gratitude” from black vinyl and apply it to a brown paper bag using transfer tape.

Fill the bags with any special surprise you would like. Punch two holes in the top middle of your bags and feed a ribbon through the front of  the bag to the back and then

 back through the back to the front.  Tweak  as desired to get the look you would like.

Here is the Download:

download grey


Hopefully, that gives you some ideas to help make your Thanksgiving awesome!

Thanks for being patient with my developing video skills.

Happy DIYing Friends!

Amber Signature | Snippets of Design


November 4, 2016


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