Remember this Crock-pot Coconut Hot Chocolate from my last week’s Snippet’s Worth Surfing?


 mmmmm…it was my inspiration for this week’s theme.

I absolutely LOVE hot chocolate when it’s cold outside….

and I’ll be honest, I like it rich & decadent…

So here are a few awesome Hot Chocolate Recipes I found

which of course, are also AMAZING eye candy…mmmmm

{Click on the pics or links to visit their sources}




Classic Hot Chocolate

The movie Chocolat inspired the Maîtres Chocolatiers of Lindt to create this superb hot chocolate.

with delectable ingredients like vanilla bean, cinnamon, and peppercorns. Mmmmm… I have to try this one!

but this Hot Chocolate for the Soul

from Savoring Eliana looks great too…


This Peppermint Hot Chocolate

from Bake a Holic Mama looks dreamy


This Candy Manor Peppermint Hot Chocolate

from Ezra Pound Cake looks awesome too!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

This spicy Hot Chocolate from Food Republic really puts a kick in your cozy time…



and Caramel-Swirl Hot Chocolate

from Bon Appetit makes it extra sweet.

But Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate 

from Taste and Tell is sweet AND salty

so it might be the one for you…

Of course if you prefer you can have Hot White Chocolate instead…

like this Hot White Chocolate Recipe

from Gimme Some Oven


this Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate Recipe

from Good Life Eats

or this Cranberry White Chocolate Recipe

from Carosello

of course, you don’t have to have it in a mug at all…

You could try

Hot Chocolate on a Stick 

from Giver’ & Ticket Chocolate

it looks so yummy {like fudge-sickles}…

Of course, if you are going to enjoy some really great hot chocolate it would really help to have some

new fun accessories like these fun Candy Cane Spoons


or these

tiny gingerbread house that perches on the edge of your mug

from Not Martha…cute huh? lol

A whole hot chocolate bar would be fun too

like this one from Paiseley Carrot.

Or this Classy one from Coordinately Yours…

But this one with the cookies from

Melissa Andre is my favorite…I think…

Of course, I would even get a Hot Chocolate Machine if I had a good enough excuse…:)

hot machine

I hope you enjoyed “surfing” with me today…I just LOVE net window shopping…

don’t you?  I mean, less money, less calories….good times!

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL weekend!

If you would like some more awesome hot chocolate recipes or if you would like to do some more surfing,

I would LOVE for you to join me on Pinterest…{I love to pin!}  

You can find the hot chocolate recipes under Recipe Book {Hot Drinks}.

After the first two rows my boards are in alphabetical order for easy access…you will see what I mean…:)

Thanks you again for stopping by dear friends!

I hope to see you again soon!


November 30, 2012



  1. Deborah

    December 1, 2012

    Now I’m craving hot chocolate!! Thank for including my salted caramel hot chocolate!

  2. amber

    December 1, 2012

    Thank you Deborah! Thank you for having such an awesome recipe and photograph! I love your blog!

  3. Bonnee Byrne

    December 1, 2012

    Loved tasting your hot chocolate today Amber – it was amazing! After seeing this post, I just wanted to share something cute we din in Maceys Little Theatre cooking class the other day – we dipped a mini candycane into melted chocolate and poked it into a big marshmallow, then dipped the marshmallow in more chocolate and hooked it on the side of a yummy cup of homemade hot chocolate – very sweet and very tasty.

  4. amber

    December 5, 2012

    Thank you Mom! I will have to try your suggestion…it sounds great!

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