I don’t know about you but I am always on the lookout for something fun to do with my kids & New Years Eve just happens to be one of those nights with tons of time to fill.  In years past I have shared printables (here) & ideas(here).


This year I am sharing these snazzy Bingo cards & this fun personalized coloring book Idea…

The Bingo cards are pretty self explanatory.  Just download them below & print them out 2 to a page.

The coloring book is a little more work but still super easy.  The idea is that you collect up your favorite pictures from the past year & you turn them into line drawings for your family to color.

I created an easy, printable cover for you that you just need to download & print out.  Then I used an app called Sketch Master (here) to turn my photographs into line drawings.  You will need to do the same.  There are a few different apps that are capable of turning your pictures into drawings depending on the electronics you have.  I have used a few & I have to admit, Sketch Master is my favorite.

That’s pretty much all there is to is and trust me, your kids will eat it up….

Here are the downloads:

Coloring Book Cover:

download green

Bingo Cards:

download grey

download pink

download blue copy

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve!

See you soon dear friends!



December 29, 2014


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