I gotta be honest, This Tutorial stemmed from a desperate need of my own…

This is my amazingly embarrassing messy purse.

You see, I went on a trip and organized everything into plastic bags

So I could take it on the plane.

I never bothered to take my stuff back out because I liked the organization!!! Lol

The sad part is that it didn’t even bother me until a friend of mine said.

“you use plastic bags to organize your purse…cute”.

Then it dawned on me…I was still using the plastic bags!

I really needed a change…

So, when I found these burlap make-up bags at the craft store,

Of course I saw tutorial.

SO, I bought some stamps and some fabric markers, and some oven hardening clay.

Side note: can I just say how much I LOVE the new self-clinging stamps.

I love that you get more stamps for less and I love the versatility,

If you haven’t tried them…you need to!

They cling to the acrylic blocks without glue

and they peel right off when you are done…

First off, I decided what I wanted where and I lined it up.

Then I used a marker to ink up the stamp

And I practiced on an old piece of burlap.

I gently applied the same process onto the bags.

I love how they turned out. All fun & antique looking…

But of course…I couldn’t just stop there.

I thought a pretty zipper charm might be fun.

This is where the clay comes in…

I rolled out the dough in small pieces and I traced out

my fler-de-lis pattern with a knife.

Here is a copy for you to download:


I moved my clay fler-de-lis to an old metal baking sheet.

I inked up a stamp again and stamped it firmly into the clay.

I poked a whole with a straw and picked it out with a knife.

Then I baked it.

{Follow the directions on the box to bake them}.

Peel them off gently with a knife carefully.

Attatch them to the bags with findings and ribbons and/or threads.

{I actually found mine at WalMart for around $1 each}

That’s it! It’s a process but we’re all done!

My purse looks much more grown up now J…thank goodness!

The possibilities are endless.

You could use whatever theme you would like.

What theme would you use?

February 19, 2012


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