We have so many friends & family members that have birthdays not to mention Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, & weddings…

I feel like I am  in a party frenzy…and lucky for you all, it creates lots of free printables!


A  cute bride contacted me wondering how hard it was to change the background color of my Friendships Subway art poster.

Of course, with Photoshop, it is easy.

So I created a navy blue version for her & I decided to keep going …

I created every color I thought  you may want.

Here are the downloads.  They are all 8 x10 high-resolution pdf’s ready for printing.

The examples are on the left and the downloads are on the right.  Click on the words & your download should begin.

Friendships Subway Art Pink

Friendships Subway Art Plum

Friendships Subway Art Orange

Friendships Subway Art Sunflower Yellow

Friendships Subway Art Purple Rose

Friendships Subway Art Pink Blush

Friendships Subway Art Peach

Friendships Subway Art Pale Yellow

Friendships Subway Art PaleBlue

Friendships Subway Art Light Green

Friendships Subway Art Ice Blue

Friendships Subway Art Black





Friendships Subway Art Aqua

Friendships Subway Art Turquoise

Friendships Subway Art Burnt Orange

Friendships Subway Art Charcoal

Friendships Subway Art Gray

Friendships Subway Art Red

Friendships Subway Art Navy

Friendships Subway Art Off-White

Friendships Subway Art Blue

Friendships Subway Art Tan









Then I decided to make a few other color combinations for a couple  of my other most popular printables :

Remember this one from my last post?  {which you can find here}

Here are some new color combinations:

And here are the downloads:

Favorite Ever Black & Tan

Favorite Ever Original

Favorite Ever Blue & Tan

Favorite Ever Off-White & Turquoise

Favorite Ever Green

Favorite Ever Hot Pink

Favorite Ever Plum

Favorite Ever Orange

Favorite Ever Green & Yellow

Since I was having so much fun I decided to change the background on the Happiness Quote for download as well:

You can download the original yellow version {here}.

Here are the other examples & downloads:

Happiness Tan

Happiness Black

Happiness Charcoal

Happiness Light Gray

Happiness Blue

Happiness Cranberry

Happiness Light Olive

Happiness Light Blue

Happiness Turquoise

Happiness Plum

Happiness Pink



I hope you enjoy the downloads & that you are enjoying your week!

 I hope you had a Wonderful Mother’s Day as well!

I will be posting the porch {from this post} soon & I have one of my favorite recipes in store too…

So follow my feed {here} if you haven’t already.

Thank you for stopping by today dear friends!

See you soon! ;)

{see where I link up & party here}

May 22, 2012



  1. Candi

    September 27, 2012

    Just curious on how difficult it would be to add an anchor to the Friendship one?

  2. amber

    September 28, 2012

    Hi Candi! :)
    I am not sure…there are so many words on it already but I am willing to try…Where would you like it? On the top or bottom or Over the top in a transparent way? Transparent could look really awesome…Let me know what you think and what color.
    Thank you,

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