I had so much fun glass etching…

I etched the glasses…

I etched the chargers…

I even etched the salad plates…

{They say Kiss Me I’m Irish with a shamrock made of hearts in the middle}

See, so much fun!

I also tried a few techniques

Just so I could trial and error the best one…

The basic idea is to block out the parts of the glass that you do not want etched.

You can use stickers

like I did on the charger.

Or tape…

Like I used on the striped glass.

I tried vinyl

Which I LOVED!

And I tried contact paper

(to use, print out the words or shapes you would like from

The computer and use an exacto knife to cut them out of the contact paper).

Which actually worked pretty good as well…

K, here is the process if you haven’t done it :

First, pick your “poison”

And make sure that it is applied securely to

The glass you wish to etch.

{I purchased my glass charger at Wal-mart for less than $5.

The rest of the dishes I purchased at DI for less than $1 each}.

Then, choose an area next to a sink where you have room to work and access to water.

Put on some plastic gloves

Use an old, well-loved paint brush (or sponge brush)

To apply Armour Etching Cream

(available at crafts stores, Wal mart, and Amazon).

You need to apply it quickly

And it needs to be thick(enough so you can’t see through it…)

The bottle says not to leave it on longer than a minute but I actually ruined my

first glass doing so.

I found it needs to stay on at least 5 minutes or it turns out all blotchy.

After 5 minutes, rinse it off.

Peel off whatever you used as “block-out”

And wash with soap and glass cleaner.

That’s it! Your done!

I will say, I liked definitely liked using the the vinyl the best…

But I am lucky enough to have a cricut

(which I LOVE) that cuts it for me…

-if anyone would like some vinyl cutouts of either the circles or the words, email me.

I could send you a set for $5 with free shipping.

Sometimes cricuts are availiable to use at a local scrapbook store as well…

I also used the cricut to cut out the vinyl monogram “B”.

I basically used 2 salad plates and secured the B to the second salad plate.

The stickers were okay but mine were made of paper which is not the best option.

They peeled off too easy, too early.

The tape worked really well.

I used painters tape which was a great.

The contact paper worked great but honestly,

It was kind of a pain to cut out but if you have the patience,

It is worth a try….

This goes with our Kiss Me Polka-Dotted Table Setting Tutorial.

Check it out here!


I hoped that this has helped you learn about glass etching…

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to comment.

I will answer them the best I can.

What type of things do you think you will etch?

March 3, 2012
March 3, 2012



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    March 24, 2012

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