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Evite® has just introduced the most clever new app.

It can turn any place into a photo booth.

Just to prove this is true, Here is my trial selfie photostrip .

I was in my bathroom.


Not only will this give you a fun new way to express yourself but you can now create your very own photo booth at any wedding or party in minutes.

How fun is that???

How much money will that save you?  I know it will save me a ton…

I also love that it gives you full control over:

  • The background
  • Style
  • Color
  • Photo effect
  • Length of time in between photos
  • Any desired message
  • How you save the photos
  • How the photos are printed out

and more!

To celebrate the launch of Evite’s® new Photo Booth App, I designed some

free monster photo props.

I figured these would be great fun for birthdays, Halloween, or any general kid party.


My two youngest boys and I played around with the props and app a little…



rihanna red carpet prom dresses


boys-1 boys-2-copy boys-3 boys-4

dawson-1 amber-and-dawson

To create the photo props:

  1. Download the .zip files and open them.
  2. Print out the files on white cardstock.
  3. Cut them out using scissors or a craft cutting machine.
  4. Attach them to long paper straws using tape.
*Stick them in something like a canning jar or basket.  Attach the sign to the wall.

To create the photo backdrop:

  1. Purchase a roll of orange paper.
  2. Use clamps to hang the paper from something tall.
  3. Cut circles, all different sizes, from from blue vinyl.
  4. Attach the circles randomly to the orange paper.
*In person, this looks like a cartoon backdrop.  my boys loved it.

Here are the .zip files for download:

download pinkdownload grey

Let out your inner monsters my friends, life is short, make the most of it!

Be sure to check out the Evite® Photo Booth App.  I highly doubt that you will regret it.  It’s great fun and has so many wonderful options!

Happy DIYing  Friends!

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*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions and thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting my passion.


September 23, 2016


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