Since winter is full force around here,

I thought it might be really fun to cover some

Awesome Indoor Activities for Kids…

my favorite is Bashing Baked Cotton Balls


by Hannah at Making Boys Men.


What a fun idea…

I also thought these  hardware store bath toys

from the Brooding Hen

were Awesome idea…

I love this recipe for homemade jello playdough from Modern Parents Messy Kids.

they had some beautiful photography too…

Indoor snowball fights create some great interaction

and Kristy at  Next to Heaven has made a cute kit.

I love the pom pom idea.



She Knows Parenting has instructions

for making a really easy cardboard, fold-able playhouse

that is perfect for temporary, indoor fun.

Fabric roads for cars are easy & inexpensive…especially if you are a fabric hoard like me…:)


Lil Mop Top


Checkout these adorable bow & arrows from the Brooding Hen.

They are made with Q-Tips, a pop-sickle stick, & some dental floss.Supposedly they shoot really far.

For that matter, I absolutely LOVE marshmallow shooters.

These shooters from Mom’s Crafty Place are favorite.

I made some for my family just like them & I am addicted.  I never saw that coming…

These Get up and move dice from Growing a Jeweled Rose

could keep kids busy inside or outside.

and the glow in the dark outer space bath looks like a must try…

So many ideas to keep little ones busy!

People are so creative…

Tomorrow I am posting a fun Boy themed party

including free printables & a blue & white candy bar…

I hope to see here!



January 15, 2013


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  1. Bonnee Byrne

    January 13, 2013

    Love the cute indoor ideas for kids! Especially loved the “Indoor Snowball Fight Kits”. We have what we call the “World’s Largest Indoor Snowball Fight” every year at Provo (Utah) Maceys Grocery store every year where I am Kids Club Coordinator, and it is the biggest blast and one of our favorite and well attended activities. We just use crunched white scrap paper for snowballs and it is so FUN! In fact, our snowball fight is coming up this Friday (January 18th) from 4:30-5:30pm and it is a FREE family activity for anyone with a child 12 & under (a parent must also attend). If you live near Provo, Utah, come and join us (you don’t have to sign up or anything)! We also make edible snowmen (sometimes made with marshmallows, sometimes made with rice krispies or popcorn and sometimes with cookies – lots of ideas out there) and when the great snowball fight is over, we make a big snowman that never melts (The kids love picking up all the crunched paper to build the snowman – what a great fun way to get everyone to clean up! All we do is put the paper snowballs into white garbage bags and decorate with a colored paper face and buttons). I think the pompoms would be an excellent idea for home, but I would probably make more than eight – the more snowballs, the more fun – lol.

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