These pillows were made using a simple iron-on applique technique

on an off-white canvas using a black canvas.

I love the way they turned out.  {This picture doesn’t really do them justice}.

I also think they would be way cute with other words and patterns.

I kind of wish I had done “Mr. & Mrs.” since I love it on everything wedding.

Start out by printing out the images you want backwards.

Here is a zip for you to download:

His & Hers

Then place fusible iron-on material over the printouts and trace the images.

Iron the fusible iron on material on the back-side of the black canvas.

& cut out the images.

Fold the canvas in half both directions so that you know exactly where to center the words.

iron the letters onto the canvas.

Hand sew the images onto the canvas like this:

I used red for the example but on the actual pillows I used black.

You could also use a machine if you prefer or a blanket stitch.

When you are done the back looks something like this.

Sew around the outer edges of your pillows.

Turn them right-side-out, stuff them, and sew them up!

Your done!!!

These pillows were created as one of the gifts included in “Three Weddings and a Laundry Room”  

you can find that post here.

My family and I really like these pillows {more than expected}.

Plus, I kind of like them on my bed.

So, I may need to make some more for our home.

Any suggestions on the words?

Any requests?



  1. Bela

    April 10, 2012

    great website. have bookmarked. thanks.

  2. Clarisse

    April 13, 2012

    great article. keep sharing.

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