Have you noticed the brand new, beautiful pin it buttons that have started showing up on your favorite websites recently?

Scroll over the above picture and you will see what I mean… ;-)

Pinterest is so important in directing traffic to our websites that making it as easy as possible for our followers is even more important.

Installing a hovering pin it button makes an instant difference and it’s easier than you would think.

I can easily show you how.

Here are some free buttons that you can use so you don’t have to design your own:


Pin It Buttons copy

Pin It Buttons in PNG format

Cap Sleeve Wedding Dresses

(for personal use only please do not resell)

  1. After you download the buttons, use photoshop or illustrator to separate out the button you would like to use.
  2. Install the jquery pin it button for images plugin.   WordPress Admin > Plugins > Search for Jquery Pin It > Install the plug in.Jquery pin it button copy
  3. Configure the settings for the plugin.  Wordpress Admin. > Settings > Jquery Pin It Button > Selection.

Most of the settings you can leave as default unless you know what you are doing.  You should however change:

  • “On which pages the button should be shown” to “pages” and “single posts”.
  • “Minimum resolution that should trigger the “Pin it” button” to show up to between 250 and 300 px. so that it doesn’t show up on smaller buttons and pictures.

Now under visual you should change:

  • The “transparency value”.  I have mine set at 0.4
  • The “Custom “Pin It” button”.  Upload your own here.
  • “The “Pin it” button position”.  Mine is in the top left.

That’s It!  Save your settings.  You should now have a beautiful new pin it button on your pictures.  Go check it out!   Isn’t that so much better than the standard buttons?  Hopefully you like it and you start to get pinned more and more often.

Happy DIYing friends,

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March 25, 2016


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