I have a cozy little bathroom for a master bath.  My bathroom is small but it does the job.  It was starting to feel very cramped however.  I had a faux metallic-copper finish on the walls and a dark, thick curtain in front of the tub.  The color and heavy fabric made the room feel old and a little claustrophobic.  The room didn’t match me anymore.  I knew that I wanted to lighten things up, add texture, and create interest.  I decided to go with my trusty favorite, board and batten white walls and a gray focus wall to create interest.

Everyone knows that small rooms look larger when you use light colors but here are a few more tricks that you might not know. 

How to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

  • Leave open spaces.  Less is more so be sure not to bring in extra items.  The more free space you see, the larger the space looks.
  • Use a flooring that appears almost seamless.  Breaks, spaces, and lines cause your eyes to stop which breaks the room up in your mind.
  • Long vertical lines always help.  The batten and board leads your eye upward and helps make the room feel tall.
  • Paint the ceiling.  This makes the room look taller too.
  • Use appropriately sized furniture.  Large furniture creates a cozy feeling in a room normally but in a small room, it can start to feel suffocating.  Small furniture helps you to feel like you can breathe.
  • Use mirrored furniture.  Mirrors always help create the illusion of more room.
  • Instead of painting the wall and the trim contrasting colors, paint them the same color or two different shades of the same color.
  • Use furniture that is the same color but a different shade than the wall.
  • Use larger accent items.  Too many small items tend to clutter a room.
  • Keep things light but keep them neutral as well.  The calmness that neutral colors create work almost as well as white.
  • Use furniture with skinny legs.  This creates the illusion of openness.
  • Use a clear curtain or open shower.
  • Leave your windows uncovered if possible.  Frame them and add etching for privacy.
  • Add some statement pieces such as art that will draw yours eyes and create interest.
  • Keep things low to the ground.  This creates open space near the ceiling which creates height.
  • Keep things organized.  Clutter can quickly make a space look small.

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The texture on my white walls is called board and batten.

Google defines board and batten as “a type of wainscoting with simple, clean lines that can evoke a farmhouse or Shaker style.”

I love this look.  It has  such a classic feel to it.  It looks great on the wall of a small bathroom and it’s pretty easy to create.

How to apply Board and Batten

  1. Measure and cut 4″ pine boards to fit around the top and bottom of your wall.  Use a nail gun to secure them in place.  
  2. Use a level and a tape measure to apply 1.5″ pine boards evenly apart to your wall.  (We placed mine 12″ apart).  Use a nail gun to secure them in place.
  3. Use paintable, all-purpose caulk to create clean lines and edges.  Fill in all the nail holes with wood filler.
  4. When the caulk is dry, prime your wall with Kilz® 2.
  5. When the primer is dry, paint your wall.  I used Colorplace® Interior Satin in Elegant Charcoal and White on White.

I bought this gray dresser from a garage sale years ago.  Right after I bought it, I added legs to it, primed it with Kilz®2, and painted it black.  It was for my bathroom at the time but after a while, it started to feel very overwhelming.  As part of my bathroom redo, I took the legs off and painted it gray.  It fits perfectly into the space now and I absolutely love it.


I was able to find some great accessories at Walmart® and Save On Crafts®.

I was even able to find these beautiful towels!

I looked all over for towels like these.  I was absolutely thrilled when I found them and I just about fainted when I discovered what a great price they were.

You can find links to everything in the supply list at the bottom of the page.

Not only did I discover that I am a picky towel snob, I am also apparently a shower curtain snob as well.  I just about gave up the search when I finally found this linen style embroidered curtain.

Displaying large pieces of artwork creates interest and a feeling of coziness.  I chose to display artwork by Edward Henry Potthast.  I lucked out.  I found them at Global Gallery® for a really great price.  They had so many great options, it was hard to narrow it down to just three.

I opted to use brushed bronze as my metal.  I like it in this room because it is close to black but it has a softness to it at the same time.  I wanted it to create a contrast but not so much that it would take away from the tranquility of the color scheme. I switched out my old faucet with a waterfall faucet.  I love it so much.  It’s great quality for a great price.

If you can’t update your bathroom right now, you can build your own bathtub shelf or 

make some homemade sugar scrub to feel pampered.

Color Scheme

Here is the color scheme I used for this bathroom in an easily pin-able graphic.


Happy DIYing friends!

I hope you have a lovely day.

I’m going to go enjoy my new bathroom. ;)

March 26, 2017
April 10, 2017


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