Call me sentimental but I was touched by a very nontraditional wedding.  Have you seen Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams’ Fort Day wedding?  It was a whole weekend of family and friends spending quality time together.  It oozed with casual Boho class.  To understand this wedding, you will need a little background.  Do you know who Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams are?  She is best known for her role on Pretty Little Liars. He is best known for his role in the TV series Suits.  Suits is on of my favorite shows and Patrick is my favorite character, especially after the research I did for this post.  The idea of glamping for their wedding was for sentimental reasons and no one explains it better than Patrick himself.  He explains why on his Instagram post below.


8 years ago we built a pillow fort in my old apartment and started a conversation that has grown into a whole life. It was just a quiet shared idea that became a yearly tradition. This year we invited some more people. A lot more. And we made a wedding out of it. Three perfect days with friends and family. Kids screaming and laughing in the pool shouting “Fort Day” at the top of their lungs. Our incredible tribe lifting us up the same way they have for so many years. It’s impossible to put into words how it all felt. Filled with so much gratitude that I’m lucky enough to have married my best friend. Love you @sleepinthegardn – can’t wait to see what happens next. #fortday2016 ????cred @daveschwepphotography

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Glamping has become a very popular hobby.  I have to admit, it looks very appealing and cozy.

I would be surprised if anyone didn’t want to try it.

Here are some of the main things that you will need

for a boho, glamping, fort day wedding or activity.

The Tents


One of the must haves for glamping is a well-made canvas tent.  I really like these tents by Stout Tent and by Shelter Co.

You can purchase or rent tents from either of them.

They offer a few different styles including the ones featured above and the safari tent featured below.

You can also create your own Boho tent.

Like this one I created for a winter engagement photo shoot.

They aren’t as durable but they are great for photo shoots and weddings.



The Bed

A glamping bed needs to be easy to transport but incredibly cozy.

You want to feel spoiled and warm when you sink into it even though you are outside.

This can be accomplished with thick comforters, quilts, and warm wool blankets.

Be sure to use soft sheets with a high thread count and pillows that completely engulf you.

Palettes make a great base for your bed and a fold-able foam mattress helps you enjoy the comforts of home.

The Accessories

Accessories are a must for glamping because they add to the beauty of your surroundings which add to the feelings of being spoiled.

Bunting is great because it holds up nicely while camping. 

Decorative Bunting Boho or Floral.

Flowers are great for events and weddings.


Rugs are a must because having something soft under your feet is very important for feeling cozy.

The Furniture

Lovely, natural furniture is important for making life easier and adding to your tent feeling more like home.

Here are a few possible additions.

The Lighting

We are spoiled now-a-days because we have so many lighting options even without an electrical outlet.

Lanterns,candles,solar, and battery-powered lights…

here are some great options.

Bell Tent Chandelier

Solar String Lights


The Tables

I LOVE eating alfresco.  Don’t you?  Here are some great ideas for making your outdoor,

camping tables look inviting…

Picnic Table

Via: Pretty Little Secrets Instagram

Here is a great fire pit table that is easy to transport to your camp site.

Fire Table 

The Wedding Dress

Their boho, glamping wedding was also on the beach.

They looked amazing and Her wedding dress oozed simple elegance.

Via: Pretty Little Liars Fans Instagram

Here are some similar lovely, elegant wedding dresses for an amazing price.

Gorgeous Boho Wedding Dresses

for Under $200

  1. A-Line Princess Jewel Floor Length Chiffon
  2. A-Line Princess Jewel Brush Train Chiffon 
  3. A-Line Princess Spaghetti Straps Floor Length Chiffon
  4. A-Line Princess Spaghetti Straps Court Train Tulle
  5. Sheath Column Straps Court Train Spandex
  6. Sheath Column Spaghetti Straps Sweep Brush Train Lace
  7. Sheath Column Spaghetti Straps Court Train Chiffon
  8. A-Line Princess V-Neck Sweep Brush Train Lace
  9. Sheath Column Spaghetti Straps Floor Length Tulle
  10. Sheath Column Off the Shoulder Spaghetti Strap Court Train Tulle
  11. Sheath Column Spaghetti Strap Court Train Chiffon
  12. Sheath Column Asymmetrical Sweep Brush Train Chiffon
  13. Sheath Column Spaghetti Strap Court Train Chiffon
  14. A-Line Princess Jewel Court Train Tulle
  15. Sheath Column V-Neck Court Train Chiffon
  16. A-Line Princess Spaghetti Strap Court Train Tulle


Gold Crowns

Troian’s Crown is gorgeous.

I wasn’t able to find it  but this stunning gold Viktoria Novak goddess crown is as equally breathtaking.

If you don’t want to spend that much,

here are a few less expensive but equally as beautiful options.

Floral Crowns

If you don’t want to wear a golden crown, a floral crown is just as boho and very flattering.

Here are some fabulous options to choose from.

Most local florists should be able to reproduce them.


Boho Bus

For travel and fun, the couple bought a school bus that they redecorated to fit perfectly into their Boho style wedding.

You can find used school buses for less than $2,000 on Ebay Motors.

What a deal.  What a fun project.

You can find Boho Pillows and Rugs from ViviTerra® here.

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas for your own

boho, glamping, and tent day celebration or wedding.

 I’m already planning my next holiday.

Happy DIYing friends,


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