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Have you ever wanted to create the look and feel of a Music Festival in your own yard? 

Here’s how to host a Music Festival Party…

Consider using warm colors like you would see in a sunset.  Navy blues, shades of orange, warm yellows, greens, and reds.  They make a great backdrop in the evening light and they create a natural feel.

Music Festivals are great because they are both energizing and chill at the same time.  They are casual, and the best place is on the lawn, so, you don’t need chairs.

Just lay out some great blankets, rugs, tablecloths, and cozy pillows around.  It gives you enough sitting for a crowd.

String up some cafe lights, boho style banners, and paper lanterns for effect. 

Consider adding other light sources as well such as lanterns, tiki torches, and fire pits.

To create an attractive, easy and cheap DIY lighting source, buy a package of inexpensive paper and cover Christmas lights in little Origami boxes.

When choosing a menu, consider easy to grab and dispose of items that you can eat with your hands.  Items you would normal eat at a music festival and containers that you can easily get rid of.

The drinks should be the same.  Francis Coppola® Diamond Collection (Varietal)™ in cans is a fun, young, and convenient option that fits the music festival perfectly.  Francis Coppola® Diamond Collection (Varietal)™ in cans is convenient, lightweight, and the cans are recyclable which is a great, sustainable choice for the environment.

Although this is perfect for a young crowd, please make sure that all consumers are over 21.  Thank you.

 They come in ChardonnayPinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

I wanted my display table to look like a festival food tent so I added a simple canopy to my lemonade stand that I also used in this post as a hot chocolate stand.  You can find instructions for building your own here. 


You can download the labels I created for this post here.

And the menu here.

Since it’s a party, make sure you have plenty of entertainment.

Because it is a music festival party, music is the most important entertainment to add.  You may want to add a special table for this and make sure that you have a way to hook phones, iPods, and other options in with wires and/or bluetooth.  You may even want to provide a record player option.  You can find great streaming options from music festival artists, Francis Coppola, and the TuneIn app. here.  Make sure you leave a spot in your yard open for dancing.

Since you are outside, provide some over-sized yard games.


Pick Up Sticks,


And Jenga are easy to create and purchase.

Because it’s a festival party, you might want to add a simple photo area of boho elements like string and lace dream catchers, flowers, and peace signs.

You can provide an instant camera for fun or take photos with your phones!

In fact, if you use this free Evite® invitation to invite your friends, everyone can share their pics with each other directly on Evite®.

You can find more ideas for creating a Music Festival Party on Evite®.

Here is a short how-to video as well:



I hope you find adventure creating your very own music festival party this summer now that you can see how fun and easy it is…

Happy DIYing friends!

July 7, 2018


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