I LOVE the glass bottles that are so popular now a days…

I have a whole bunch so I hope that you don’t mind if they pop up in my posts every so often…

I purchased this one from specialtybottle.com

I Printed this out …{click on the plus sign to download your own copy}.


I wanted a quick fix so I used a pencil to fill in the pack of the paper behind the print.

I turned the paper over, lined it up with the bottle, and traced the letters.


I used a black Vitrea 160 glass paint pen to trace and fill in the letters.

It is supposed to be air-dry, permanent, and dish-washer resistant.

It dried extremely fast and has a GREAT texture. I was impressed!


{I can think of soooo many possibilities for these pens! Love them!}

I added a ribbon and a paper straw to top it off!

What do you think?



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