I love this mug.  It makes me smile EVERY TIME I see it.
Have you ever had one of those days?  You know, THOSE kind of days where EVERYTHING goes wrong no matter how hard you try?  
You’re late to everywhere, you give the binkie to the puppy instead of the baby, your Diet Coke betrays you and ruins your new shirt, or you can’t wake up even though you had a “fulfilling” 3 hours of sleep?
Well, hopefully,  it’s none of those.  Hopefully you just have a REALLY great sense of humor.
Either way, this is your new “mug mascot”…

If It Requires Mug Pattern \ Snippets of Design

How many of you own a Cricut Explore?
Let me tell you, I have had a number of Cricuts in my life but this one is the best one by leaps and bounds.  I love the flexibility it offers.  I love that Cricut presents thousands of great designs for us to easily use on it, and I love most of all that we can create our own designs for it.

Cricut Explore via Target

 I also love Cricut Design Space and all the Do It Now projects that are offered.

Cricut Design Space

I can’t believe all the amazing projects that the Cricut designers dream up.  Having worked in house as a designer for Cricut, I know all that goes into every design and how hard they work to bring us great projects.  Trust me, these girls work their little tooshies off  to bring you high quality projects. 
The fact that Cricut now offers Cricut access makes it even better.

Water Bottles with Sass

Cricut access gives us open admittance to so many projects and they only  charge a very small monthly fee for this service.
If you haven’t joined access yet, trust me, it’s worth it.
This pattern I am offering you today however is COMPLETELY FREE…
In case you haven’t uploaded an SVG file to Design Space yet, let me show you how:

If It Requires Quote copy

First, download the SVG file.

download green

Then go to Design Space and follow the directions below:

Cricut Design Space 3

Cricut Design Space 4

Cricut Design Space 5

Cricut Design Space 6

Cricut Design Space 7

After you have used the Cricut to cut out the image from vinyl, use transfer tape and a Cricut scraper  to apply it to the surface of a clean mug of your choosing.
That’s all there is to it!
Now go… enjoy your sassy mug.
Happy DIYing friends!

Amber Signature | Snippets of Design

*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions and thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting my passion.
April 11, 2016


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