I love embroidery, I always have…

{I think it’s my Grandma coming out in me}

I have done hand embroidery for years AND {wait for it, wait for it…} recently,


I have wanted one for sooooo long…you have no idea.

I have always wanted to monograhm pillows, and basket inserts, and stockings…

Okay, anything that I can get away with and still have it look classy…hehe.

But of course, that wasn’t enough, like everything else

I “needed”…okay, wanted to have creative control too so of course the next thing I bought was a program

Designed for creating your own embroidery patterns.

Can I just say…BEST THING EVER!!!!

I bought a program for creating fonts as well so now I can create embroidery from the bottom up.

I am in HEAVEN{yes, it is the little things} and guess what!

This means that I now have the freedom to create embroidery designs and share them will all of you! J

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do…

My first design is simple…

“Kiss Me” . I sewed mine on cotton bar towels, easy, no sewing.

You can, of course sew it onto whatever your heart desires.

Here is the .zip download:

[wpdm_file id=14]

I included the most popular file types.

If the one you need is not included, please let me know, I can most likely create it for you.

Now, in case you are like I was for so many years I included a printed version that you can download here:

[wpdm_file id=15]

It looks like this:

You will need to print it off

Pencil the back and trace it onto your napkin.

Then you embroider the lines using a back stich in the color you desire.

That is all there is to it!

This goes with our Kiss Me Polka-Dotted Table Setting Tutorial.

You can Check it out here!

Have a great weekend!

March 3, 2012


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