I’m not sure if you can relate or not but there is something about the bright, airy feeling of a light room that makes me happy and keeps me upbeat.  I feel it every time I walk into it.  

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There is also something cozy and endearing about warming up your home in the fall.

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This can be achieved, even in a light room, by adding in the right aspects.

Such as:

  • warm metallic textures
  • rich fabrics
  • wicker
  • strong textures
  • worn architectural details and furnishings (sectional sofas like these are great for fall!)

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This being said, I changed a few things in my living room.

I lightened things up but I also added some warm aspects to warm it up for autumn.


I added pillows of soft gold and warm sweater-like textures.

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I textured my brick wall with a vintage feel.


I added wicker aspects, like this wicker tray.

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Less House...More Home 10 | Snippets of Designrich fabrics,Less House...More Home 11 | Snippets of Designand worn furnishings. img_0637

I started with faux vintage brick wall with panels I bought at Lowe’s®.

As you know from other posts, it used to look like this:

and then this:

now it looks like this and I am finally in love with it.


It turned out better than I had hoped it would.

You can create your own faux brick wall by following the instructions starting here and then here

To finish it off, use a paint roller and a stippling brush to randomly paint the wall 

with an off-white, low-luster paint.  I used my favorite, Glidden® High Endurance Plus Paint+Primer in eggshell/satin antique white that I purchased at Walmart®.

Be sure to leave visible spots of exposed brick.



Next, I wanted to create some fun, rustic artwork for over the couch so I bought some 1×2” and 1×4″ pine boards from Lowe’s®.


We measured the space that I wanted to cover and cut 4 1×2″ boards to 4′ each.

Then we cut enough 1×4″ boards to cover the length of the boards two times.


I evenly spaced the 4′ boards next to each other on the floor and I placed the 1×4″ planks on top of them in two rows.

I then used my drill to secure the planks in place.


After marking where I wanted the signs on my wall, we secured them in place with long construction screws.

I then used the same Glidden® antique-white paint I had used on the brick to paint a thin layer of paint on each sign.

Less House...More Home 3 | Snippets of Design

I used transfer tape to apply vinyl letters on the signs where I wanted them.

Then I  lightly painted over the signs with light blue, and gently pulled off the letters.

Here are the .svg files I created if you would like to cut out the saying “Less house…more home”

with your Cricut® Explore© and create your own set of signs.

download green

I brought my brown faux leather couch back into the room to warm up the space.


You can find a similar couch here, Arhaus sells a similar but even more attractive model.


To finish off the look I accessorized using throw pillows, curtains, and accessories I found at Walmart® and Ross®.

You can find similar items here:







I hope you find the time to relax and enjoy everyday of Autumn this year.

Enjoy the crisp air and warm smells…

I’m going to go and do the same.

Happy DIYing friends!

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