Little Baker Party!/Snippets of Design

HI Everyone!  Happy Friday!  Do you know what today is?

I get to announce the winner of the bathtub shelf today!!!!! yay!!! I am so Excited!!!

Everyone received one entry per hoop they jumped through ;)

Then I used to pick the winner randomly.

The winner is Sonya Weimer!!!

 Congratulations Sonya!!! check your email if you haven’t already. ;)

Thank you to everyone that entered!

It's a Cooking Party!/ Snippets of Design

My sweet little niece  Megan had a Birthday this past week  which means {SCORE!} More free printables! :)

I had A LOT of fun with this one…I’ll be honest.

She wanted to have a cooking party which sparked all kinds of fun ideas

so I stepped out of my “paper-goods role”

’cause we HAD to make embroidered aprons too… how could we not???!!!  {I mean seriously}   ;)

Especially considering pre-made aprons are only….wait for it…wait for it…

$3 at Hobby Lobby & all we have to do is embroider them!!!!!!

$3 each.  Can you believe that?   We even did a ruffly one for the birthday girl & it was only $5!

It's a Cooking Party!/ Snippets of Design

I embroidered each apron with a monogram of the first letter in each of their names.

Then I rolled them up and put them in these cute little tin buckets I bought at Target for $1 each.

I used a standard font that came on my embroidery machine this time.

If you do not have an embroidery machine,

you can get the same effect by printing out letters in the size and font you would like them to be,

trace them using graphite paper onto the surface of the fabric,

and hand embroider them.

I was going to give you a hand embroidery tutorial but I ran across

Mary Corbet’s  blog Needle & Thread.

She  has compiled a series of posts with instructions on how to sew any kind

of hand embroidered letter you could want.

She also has many beautiful, free hand embroidery patterns available that you should check out.

She has done a much more complete job than I could of done so I am going to send you over

there if you would like a hand embroidery tutorial ;)

The free Little Baker Printables I designed consist of :

  1. A Recipe Card Invitation
  2. A Menu
  3. The little Baker Logo which can be used on bottles, as stickers, or however you would like.

I had WAYYYY to much fun with the invitation !

But I like it and I hope you will too…

I designed it to look and read like a recipe card.

It's a Cooking Party/ Snippets of  Design

This is what it says:

Isn’t it fun? :)

I printed it out on Paper Bag Card Stock.  You can print it out on whatever you would like.

{I think they would be cute with white printing on Paper Bag Card Stock as well}

I lined the insides of each envelope with pretty papers and sealed them with  either sealing wax

using a “b” stamp or with one of the Little Baker Logos.  I  ended up liking the logo better.

 I included a version of the invitation with words, one with most of the words, and one with 1/2 the words

so that you could customize your invitation.

You can download those here :

 Little Baker Invitations Half Words

Little Baker Invitations Just Ingredients

Little Baker Invitations No Words

The menu I thought would be a fun touch if you wanted to decorate

the table all cute and use it at each place setting.

My sister didn’t use it however because the kids at her party were

2, 3, & 4 mostly so they couldn’t read yet. :)

Little Baker Party!/ Snippets of

This is what it says:

It prints out 3 to a 81/2 X 11 piece of paper.

Here is the download:

Little Baker Menu

The tags with the logo are fun, they are my favorite part. :)

Little Baker Party!/ Snippets of Design

I ran them through my Xyron sticker maker and used them

on the bottles with ribbons & on the back of the envelopes as seals.

They look like this:

  I have already arranged them on a 81/2 X 11 piece of paper for you.

You can download the printable version here:

Little Baker Tags With Lines

Just for fun, while I was designing the tags,

I created a pink polka-dotted version I didn’t end up using.

I thought I would give you a printable version of it just in case you wanted to use it…

Pink & Polka-Dots Little Baker

At the party, my sister bought the $3 Papa Murphy’s Pizza Kits, one per child.

{ Have you seen these???  They are even cuter than I imagined}

The Birthday girl wore a cute baker’s hat that I believe was also from Hobby Lobby.

The kids played pin the sprinkle on the cupcake & everyone decorated their own cupcake.

Then everyone received their own measuring cup & spoon set to take home with their aprons.

{I also think bamboo spoons would be great!  $1 for 4 at Walmart!}

It was a smashing good time! ;) {hehe}

Little Baker Party/ Snippets of Design

Okay dear friends…thank you so much for stopping by today!

I always have a good time when you stop by. :)

Congratulations again to out Bathtub Shelf Winner Sonya Weimer!!!

I will be posting the porch “after” pics soon!!! Yay!!!

so make sure you follow my feed so you don’t miss it…

{you can do that here}

& while you wait you can checkout my design board for the porch project {here}.

ttys lovies! Have an amazing day!


{Find out where I party and who I link up with here

May 3, 2012


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